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Hello everyone and welcome.

At the finale of Passion Petanque Francaise in Draguignan, France
It is unbelievable! All of the National and International Champions are here. It is like a candy store! Rocher, Quintais, Lacroix, Robineau, Fazzino, Rizzi, Hureau, etc… they are all here. It is hard to convey how extraordinary it is to watch them all. But listen to this, what about if you had a chance to play with them on the Carré d’Honneur.
Yes we did! WOW! At the end of the day for VIP and special guests the management of the Tournament have something called ” Gentlemen Games” where you are paired up with or against the Champions. Since we are the first Americans to come to this event Jim and I were invited to play with them I played with Stephane Robineau against Dylan Rocher Unreal! Jim played against Rizzi with Dylan Rocher in his team Surreal! A dream of a life time. The Tournament if flawless it is organize by the local club and sponsored by KTK the fresh new wave in the petanque world. Today it the quarter of finale, it is big day for all of the teams, you snooze you lose! Tomorrow the final and on to the World Championship in Nice. We talk soon. Au revoir. Vive la Petanque.

A+ Love Arsene.









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