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Hello everyone and welcome.

Latest news from Draguignan!

We just saw the quarter final. Only four teams qualified for the Semi Final: Quintais, Hureau, Rizzi and Fazzino. Some of the top guns like Lacroix and Rocher teams didn’t make it. Wow! The level of games are unbelievable! People were giving standing ovations in the bleachers. Christian Fazzino and Christophe Sarrio were Gods on the piste for the last two days, saving the games at the last minutes by finishing with carreau or a ”devant de boules”. Rizzi, the winner from last year, is still in the race. Quintais is teaming up with Dath who replaced Suchaud who got sick at the last minute. Well let me tell you Dath’s nick name is ”bombdunord” I didn’t see him miss too often from 6 meters to 15 meters, just a joy to watch him shoot. Hureau, who just came back from America and was in the Final of Amelia Island against Marco Foyot who took first place, is also doing very good. All those teams are so close I don’t even have a prediction for the final, witch we will get to see tomorrow. The women started today with the shooting competition as well triplette competition. The super stars are here like Papon, BandieraI, Virebayre and the women’s team of Thaïlande etc… It is a feast for your eyes! Let me tell you I can’t sit any longer. I have watched so many games in the last two days, it reminds me of when I was last at the Millau Tournament with thousand of players where one could watch games all day long – for ten days straight.
See you soon.   A + Love Arsene.


The future generation, he is from Corsica. Oh boy you will hear from him one day. I am yet to get the proper spelling of his name. Soon




Laurent Causse. He is the guy who does all of the live commentaries during  most Tournament in France and Europe . He does have a lot knowledge of the game and all of the players. Great guy!


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