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Hello everyone and welcome.

The Finals: Triplette men, Triplette women. Shooting competition men and women. What a spectacular events! I first want to say thank you to the management for making us feel welcome and for taking care of us for the last 3 days. We felt like dignitaries. The day started very early because I wanted to get to the boulodrome to see how they were setting up all of the tv cameras because the semi finals and the finals were televised live all over France. It was a very elaborated system that required hours to setup. They had up to 5 cameras some of them were on giant rails above the players to catch every move. A pure professional movie setting, wow! The final men’s game was with Quintais, Lucien and Dath against Hureau, Malbec and Darodes. The Quintais team won. What a great game. At one point the crowd was cheering for the under dogs because they were trailing by 7 points and for a moment they came back and everyone was clapping hard but the dexterity of Quintais, the pointing of Lucien and the shooting of Dath were flawless and the Hureau team just could not do anything about it. The Women’s Final was also excellent. We witnessed carreaux after carreaux but the team Banderia, Papon and D’disidoro took over against Schopp, Rodriguez and Peyrot.  On to the World Championship in Nice to be part of the USA delegation.

Celia Crittenden – USA Ladies Representative
Artem Zuev – USA Men Representative
Ernesto Santos – Coach for Celia Crittenden
Mark Greenberg – Coach for Artem Zuev
Arsene Dupin – FPUSA Delegate
Shannon Hodge – Translator and Inter-cultural attache for Celia
Chrissy Lion – Translator and Inter-cultural attache for Artem
Karina Morgenstein – Social Media Correspondent

A+ Love Arsene

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