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Hello everyone and welcome.

We are in La Ciotat, at the Jules Le Noir Boulodrome where it is  the birthplace of the game of petanque.  From where the expression « pés tanqués » started in 1910. We were welcomed at the Boulodrome like if we were club members. We arrived at a perfect timing because the club does have every Sunday’s has a little Melee Tournament and luck will have it I won it. So here I am at the birth place of the game of petanque in France winning the local tournament. Wow! How about that for history. The raison why I got there was because my friend Jim who was the pioneer of coming here last year and was probably one of the first American to have spent an extended period of time playing with all of them.  As the matter of fact he had made a replica of the original sign of the Jules Lenoir petanque club that they lost.  He gave it  to the President of the Club Vincent Negro and Enzo, they were really touched by that.   When you enter the club house you get to see some of the original pictures of 1910 when they first started the game as well as some of the original boules and trophies. It was very moving experience to be at the source. The courts were fantastic,the players were very experienced and we had an amazing time. Thank you.   A+ Love Arsene





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  1. Hello? Arsène si tu es à la Ciotat demandes[?][?][?] s’il ont connu mon Frère Sanchez Michel il habité le May . C’était un marchand de poissons. C”etait un grand champion de pétanque. Ses Enfants habitent tous dans les environs de la Ciotat. Donnes moi la réponse merci. Salut à vous 2 à bientôt.

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