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Hello everyone and welcome.

Claudy Weibel is the Boss!   That the first thing he told me after he won “C’EST QUI LE PATRON!” WHO IS THE BOSS!  He is the Boss Claudy from Belgium is the World Champion of Tête a Tête! On the women side from Spain Yolanda Mattaranz is also the World Champion. Let me tell you the semi finals on the women and men side were unreal, but the final of the men with Sami Attalah from Tunisia was out of this world. Carreaux after carreaux at ten meters, the crowd will go wild. Team USA was cheering for Weibel because a lot of us got to know him when he comes to play at Amelia Island tournament. I had the chance to seat next to Gerard Tavitian the coach of Lucie, the girl friend of Dylan Rocher and both of us were in heaven watching a game like that. Weibel started strong against Sami but he didn’t let himself be impressed by Claudy and will answer back with some great pointing and talented carreaux but at the end Claudy’s pointing by hiding behind Sami’s ball made the difference. 13-8 Wow! To get the final Claudy had to win against some of the top champion in the world, he won against Saeng Kaew, Dylan Rocher and Rizzi in the semi final. You just don’t do that by luck. He made all the way because of what we call in French “la hargne de gagner” the rage of wanting to win. But also because of his knowledge of the game , and his talent that no one could equal in those last 3 days.   Congratulations Claudy.   A+ Love  Arsene

IMG_8655IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8639 IMG_8663 IMG_8659 IMG_8660 IMG_8669 IMG_8688 IMG_8691 IMG_8637 IMG_8618 IMG_8606 IMG_8612 IMG_8609 IMG_8708 IMG_8707 IMG_8704 IMG_8624 IMG_8596 IMG_8584 P1010582 P1010574 P1010565 P1010563 P1010561 IMG_8574 IMG_8570 IMG_8566 P1010554 IMG_8565 IMG_8563 IMG_8558 P1010541 P1010539 10937269_418468008307634_1475880776_n 10861021_10153035428353699_3550224855826513407_o 10941043_10153028117793699_1326180839296848773_n 10914747_10153037230283699_1194744694764711544_o IMG_8506 IMG_8502 P1010531 IMG_8496 IMG_8497 IMG_8494 P1010522 P1010521 P1010514 P1010510 P1010508 P1010516 IMG_8489 IMG_8495 IMG_8488 IMG_8483 IMG_8478 P1010502 IMG_8462 IMG_8454 IMG_8446 IMG_8441 P1010491 P1010492 P1010494 P1010458 P1010454 P1010448 P1010444 P1010441 P1010436 IMG_8419 IMG_8412 IMG_8395 IMG_8385 IMG_8381 P1010417 P1010412 P1010413


IMG_8663IMG_8657IMG_8658IMG_8651IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8698 IMG_8699 IMG_8697 IMG_8693 IMG_8688 IMG_8669 IMG_8653 10433078_10153052226157472_3909150099805320260_n P1010596 P1010590


IMG_8715 IMG_8705 44816



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