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Hello everyone and welcome.

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club sent his first delegation to our sister city Angers, France.   Jim, Jo and I were the pioneers to  establish the relation between our two cities for the game of petanque and we were welcomed by Yvan the president of the Ligue des Pays de Loire Comité Departmental FFPJP, and Jean Marie the vice president of the local club and as well by the Mayor of Angers..   At the Hotel de Ville, they had a full reception for us with various dignitaries from the City.  That was exceptional to be able to establish this relationship.   Angers does have fantastic players, like Daniel Hureau, who is native and started at the local club.   They invited us to play at their indoor boulodrome of the ASPTT.    Of course they had prepared a strong team to play against us, but we did good regarding the fact that the piste was completely new for us and a different type of flooring.   Most indoor boulodrome are made of  concrete  with a small layers of tiny rocks on the top of it.  Until you get used to it, it is a very challenging type of terrain to play on.   It was great fun.   Merci to everyone in Angers.  Our trip around France going from competition to competition is coming to an end.   During this trip we  had the chance to see all the top players in the world.  But it is not completely over yet, we have one more great event, we have been invited to participate in Poitiers at the National Tournament of Les 3 Jours de Poitiers where once again all of the top guns will be there.   First game 8 am 512 triplettes indoor from all around Europe.  Yehaaaaa!

More to come.

A+ Love Arsene.


Yvan Epaillard. Président du Comité Départemental de Pétanque du Maine et Loire


Two Vice President.





At he Mayor’s office in Angers they had a longhorn flag.


Great welcome at the ASPTT Boulodrome.


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