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Hello everyone and welcome.

Les 3 Jours de Poitiers.  Oh my god it is just unreal 512 triplettes indoor, the biggest indoor Tournament of France maybe even Europe.  We are lucky to be here because of the nice invitation of the president of the event Bernard Chasseport whom I met in a tournament in Lafayette Louisiana a few year back.     This event consists of three different tournaments in 3 days: the Veterans, the National and the Grand Prix.  If you get to do the 3 events like we did, it does feel like the real battle of Poitiers.  It is so intense because of so many games each day, but we have been ecstatic.  In between our games, we have had the chance to watch great players like Foyot, Fazzino and Quintais up close.  It is a huge stadium hosting 512 teams of triplettes: the first wave start at 8 am and the second at 9 am.  The noise level is unbelievable but it is so cool to hear so many carreaux at once and to hear the boules against the wooden rails.   On the first event we did great.   We made it all the way to 32 second of final.    It was unreal with the field that is here.  In the National, we got to play against some top-of-the-line teams.   One of them had a kid like many in France.   He was 15 years old and with the cochonnet  at 6 meters or 10 meters, this kid never missed.   It was great to play with the new generation.  Everybody won, no matter the score.   Thank you to the organizer Bernard Chasseport, his wife and the entire team of volunteers.  Just the best!  Since we are the first American team to play in this tournament, It is truly now an international event.

 A+ Love Arsene.


Radnick, one of the top guys in the world.


Bernard Chassport, Les 3 Jours de Poitiers’s director


Sweet to hang with Marco in Poitiers.


We tried anything! but…


The Women were there too She won Millau twice in single Elisa Parmentier Roy WOW!

The Women were there too She won Millau twice in single Elisa Parmentier Roy WOW!


Try to imagine 168 courts indoor.


A gem! Damien Hureau’s  dad.


Some of the players from Angers, the sister City of Austin TX..


International referee Roland Armand


In action le Roi Quintais.


Le joueur du siècle Fazzino.


Marco, the master in action.


He won the Veterans, great player.


This kid was 15 years old, he was unreal.

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