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Hello everyone and welcome.

By now I am back in Austin Texas.  But memories from Poitiers are still fresh. Labrue Ludovic, Helfrick Chris and Malbec Kevin won the National of the 3 days of Poitiers in the final against Mense Jacky, Lartigou Philippe and Zerdoun Emmanual. When I get to watch those guys play in the final I feel like they play the game of petanque like chess and I play checkers. It was unbelievable the shooter of the winning team Christ never missed and had to shoot some extremely challenging balls. They surely dominated and deserved the winning game.  Malbec did shine here like I saw him play in the final with Damien Hureau in Draguignan at the PPF.  Some of the top guys like Foyot, Quintais, Fazing didn’t make the cut. But I got to see them play up close. Real fun.
This is the end of our Tour de France of Petanque. A full month of incredible tournaments. We went to: the PPF Final in Draguignan, La Ciotat the birthplace of Petanque, Nice at the World Championship representing USA and les 3 Jours de Poitiers. What an amazing Tour! We were the first delegation of HOT to have done such a tour and probably the first American team too. I will recommended it to anyone who wants to learn more about the culture of the game and the French hospitality, we were received like kings every where we went. Merci to you all. See you back in America.  

A+ Love Arsene.




Dylan Rocher’s dad Bruno Great guy!

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