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Hello everyone and welcome.

La Boule Bleue.  On January 20th, a great raining day,  I had the great opportunity for the first time to visit the ever famous factory in Marseille.  A family affair since 1904.  Wow!  When Félix Rofritsch first started to make only two pairs a day, they were wooden, and studded with nails.  To this day the fourth generation, Hervé Rofritsch, still take great importance on craftsmanship. It was great fun and educative to watch the process of making a ball and see the finished product.  We were welcome by Bernadette Fenech, Fabienne Genevois and Anthony who was one the guy who made the balls.  A 111 years of fabrication of petanque balls, that is just incredible!   Merci to all of you for the private tour.

A special thank you for Chantal who was our host in her beautiful house in La Ciotat.  Merci bien.

A+ Love Arsene




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IMG_8204 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208


IMG_8068 IMG_8067







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