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Hello everyone and welcome,

Today was the first time that we used a new location in years, Eastwoods Park.   We did our first Singles Tournament there.  It was fantastic.   We had the weatherman against us the whole week long, even until the last minute with  80% chance of  rain.   I was going nuts looking constantly at many different kind of apps with the weather report.   I was thinking for sure I will have to cancel, I have players coming as far as one hour and a half away.    I just can’t let them drive all the way to Austin and have it rain on us.   But the whole time also I had that inner little voice saying don’t worry, just  trust!  And sure enough it was a great day.   We didn’t have any rain at all, just some sprinkles during lunch time.  How perfect!  Twelves brave ones showed up at 8:30 am, not knowing themselves if it would rain or not but they all showed up prepared with all sorts of rain gear.  Rick Armstrong was in charge of the tournament format.   That requires a lot of effort, preparation and attention to run the table.   So I would like to say thank you Rick, for giving to the club in that manner.  The format was, you draw your number out of the magic hat and play randomly against another player 3 rounds of elimination.    That would  get you into the semi finals and finals.  All games started around 9 AM and went all the way to 1:30pm for the final.  The terrain was very challenging.  Most players didn’t even have the chance to play on it before.  But two people shined, Walter Elder and Alain Gimenez.   The finals started very strong for Alain who was leading 9/0, but Walter’s pointing took over and slowly by slowly came back to win 13/11.  It was spectacular.   At the same time both consolante’s finals were going on.  Jim Schwobel had the upper hand on Rick in consultant A and in the consolante B Mystical Michael won over Alain’s wife, Mitzi.   I wanted to say thank you to the three great ladys who played  Marie Claude, Mitzi, Linda.  And thank you to everyone who participated.  I hope we will get to have many tournaments in this new beautiful location.   Merci

Results: Concours.

First place:Walter Elder

Second place: Alain Gimenez

Consolante: A

First place: Jim Schwobel

Second place:  Rick Armstrong

Consolante: B

First place:  Mystical Micheal.

Second place:  Mitzi Gimenez

IMG_9253 IMG_9250

IMG_9227 IMG_9254 IMG_9255 IMG_9258 IMG_9259 IMG_9224 IMG_9210 IMG_9203 IMG_9215 IMG_9205 IMG_9217 IMG_9220 IMG_9228 IMG_9232 IMG_9234 IMG_9238

IMG_9241 IMG_9240 IMG_9212IMG_9246



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