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Hello everyone and welcome,

In La Ciotat, France, the birthplace of the game of petanque, there is more than on club in town.  Le Cercle des Boulomanes des Ciotadens is one of them.  I was introduced to the club by Raymond Ager, a great English man who moved from England to La Ciotat to learn more about the game of petanque. Everyone knows the (English Guy) around La Ciotat, so we were welcomed like dignitaries at each club.  The Boulomanes was first created in 1924, the current president Georges Herrero shows me the original letter of the creation of the club, so beautiful!  like most petanque clubs around France, there is a corner with secured lockers where you can storage your balls overnight.  That kind of set up let you know you are in a real club, of course they also  have a buvette ( a full operational bar) where the players hang out most of the day playing cards in between games.  It is a little strange for me overtime to enter a buvette because they always want to welcome you with a Pernod or a Ricard but I don’t drink alcohol, so they look at me like if I was from a different planet.  But once I make a joke about it telling them that the very reason why they kick me out of France, they laugh and will offer a cup of coffee instead.  The terrains were great, about forty of them and can accommodate many teams, they have benches in between each courts for the players or spectators to seat and watch the games. We had lunch on the terrace, played a few games and had a great time.  If you happen to be in the south of France, it is definitely a must stop destination.  Thank you for the welcome.

A+ Love Arsene.











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