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Hello everyone and welcome,

We are getting ready for our 7th annual HOT Tournament and for the Zaytouna Lounge.  It is just around the corner, Saturday the 18th  and Sunday the 19th of April.   The Extravaganza weekend of petanque!  Come and watch the games.  The Bloor Ranch is a gorgeous setting of 500 acres where Jeffrey and Linda built a petanque heaven!  It is  in a form of a huge hangar for the Austin community of players.  All the pros start to come from all over the world to experience the Texas welcome.  The Zaytouna Lounge is a slice of the culture of Morocco.  If you can’t travel to Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca, then stop into the Zaytouna Lounge to experience a little bit of Morocco, right here in Austin.  You will always be welcomed!   Amine, the owner, built many courts in the back of the cafe.  How cool is that!  Two different tournaments in two different locations in one weekend.  There is still room for a few teams.  Contact me. Merci.

A+ Love Arsene

Marco 331 IMG_3886 IMG_3908 IMG_0208 IMG_0202 (1) IMG_0199 IMG_0204 IMG_0200 IMG_0202 IMG_0198 IMG_0213 IMG_0214 IMG_0210 IMG_0215 IMG_0206 IMG_0203 IMG_0201 IMG_0207 IMG_7322 IMG_7337 IMG_7353 IMG_7359 IMG_7357 IMG_7369 IMG_9355 IMG_9372 IMG_9413 IMG_9416 IMG_9424 IMG_9422 IMG_9444 IMG_9446 IMG_9477 IMG_9482 IMG_9489 IMG_9497 IMG_9504 IMG_9513 IMG_9508 IMG_9516 img_9530

10497395_1551971078375066_8713657068825787690_o (2) 10154146_712562348805083_8574980231206229721_n 2014-04-28_001 (2) 2014-04-28_002 2014-04-28_007 2014-04-26_009 2014-04-26_020 1621803_10203764039410265_7135849310945564054_n 988865_10203764043210360_709387923106279423_n IMG_5023_2 IMG_5049_2 IMG_5054_2 IMG_0109 (1) IMG_0103 (1) IMG_0117 (1) IMG_0127 (1) IMG_0125 (1) IMG_0119 (1) IMG_0128 (1) IMG_0114 (1) IMG_0165 IMG_0134 (4) IMG_0135 (5) IMG_0129 (5) IMG_0164 (2) IMG_0138 (2) IMG_0136 (2) IMG_0137 (6)


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