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Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club is proud to host for the first time the FPUSA Regional in Austin Texas on May 16/17 2015.. This special event will be held on a private land at the Bloor Ranch. The dateline for registration is May 13 2015 don’t miss it. NO EXCEPTIONS!
It is because of the support of all the club members that we are able to put on such an event like this together . So come to Austin and enjoy the Texas hospitality. Merci You can register here look for May 16(Saturday) and May 17 (Sunday).



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Welcome to Texas!


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  1. […] exhibit at the Bob Bullock State history museum, the heart of Texas pétanque club will host the Central tournament of the Federation of pétanque USA on Saturday May the 16th, and Austin’s French speaking welcome Austin Accueil will have its […]

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