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Hello everyone and welcome,

Wow!  Sweet for the Dallas club to win!  Because for the last several years it was either Austin or San Antonio who will bring back the trophy home.  This year it was different, it was time for Dallas to shine in the final with Karim Moumouni and Alain Mathieu who had the upper hand against Thierry Amisse and Terry Plemons from Austin.  The final was very exciting. The double T team started strong leading with a round with four points but Karim came back with also four points to lead them  to 9/8, near the finish line both teams had identical results at 11/11, but Karim and Alain finished with 13/11, when Thierry didn’t get the opportunity to (casser la gagne).  Other players distinguished themselves like Michel Costa from San Antonio who paired up with Richard Fernandez from Dallas they finished in third place of the main concours, also Christophe Chambers and Ed Priest from The Legation Boules Club won the consolante bracket.

The Jean Lafont Memorial give the opportunity to remember Jean who was a gentle, caring, immensely talented man who influenced many people during his 35 years in Dallas. There are many chefs and restaurateurs in Dallas who owe their careers to LaFont.   He also of course was a great Petanque player. Several times he came to Austin to compete with HOTPC. His jovial aspect of the game was respected by all.

Thank you Dallas it  was a fantastic tournament, very well organized by Cesar Maksoud the president and his club members. The Dallas Petanque Club hospitality and generosity is notorious in Texas, no team were left going home without at consolation prize. The lunch was provided by Central Market, and on the Friday night prior to the Tournament everyone was invited to a superb gathering at Jeanne Marie Browning family’s house to welcome all the players, the buffet was top of the line and the camaraderie was shining under the golden full moon of the month of  May.

A+ Love Arsene.


First place: Karim Moumouni and Alain Mathieu ( Dallas Club)

Second place: Thierry Amisse and Terry Plemons (  ClubTanque, HOT club)

Third place:  Michel Costa and Richard Fernandez ( San Antonio club , Dallas club)


First place: Christophe Chambers and Ed Priest ( The Legation Boules Club)

Second place: Glenn Lubbe and Kyle Golden ( Dallas club)










IMG_0717 IMG_0715 IMG_0714 IMG_0706 IMG_0703 IMG_0704


IMG_0711 IMG_0707 IMG_0703 IMG_0690 IMG_0685 IMG_0683 IMG_0682 IMG_0674 IMG_0673 IMG_0672 IMG_0671 IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0662 IMG_0661 IMG_0660 IMG_0654 IMG_0651 IMG_0650 IMG_0649 IMG_0740 IMG_0744 IMG_0846 IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0856



Jean Lafont in Austin on top extreme right circa 2008?



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