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Hello everyone and welcome,

Austin has now more petanque clubs than most cities across US.  Four of them as we speak. Wow! The Heart of Texas Petanque Club is the original club created in 2008, The Legation Boules Club formed in July 2014, Club Tanque in Manor TX started in 2014 and the Freedom petanque club also created in 2014. and one more informal gathering at the historic Mueller hangar.  Most clubs had tournaments lately.  An unprecedented FPUSA Central Regional at Club Tanque, a sweet informal tournament on private ground, and a select Doublette with the Legation Boules club at the French Legation Museum.  Petanque in Austin is real busy.

So let talk about the Freedom club, the club was created because it didn’t want to belong to any organization and is located on a private land of Peter Gray and their t-shirt emblem is a OPUT design ( hahaha) On May 24 they had their first Freedom Tournament during an epic flood in Texas but somehow the day of the tournament it was magical and we had no rain!  It was located on the East side of Austin at Peter’s one acres house. He had room for 8 triplettes, the tournament was free for everyone ( hence freedom petanque)  The house rules were first come first serve to be able to participate. After the teams were selected randomly, you get to play against the same team best out of 3 games. So only four teams remained and goes on strait to the semi finals and two teams makes it to the finals. The food and drinks were plenty and the ambiance was very sweet. It was a combination of great local players and novices to the game. The gorgeous courts were in all different shape and forms some under those gigantic shade trees and some in the driveway. Thank you so much for this delightful evening, the last game finished around midnight under lights.
The winners were:

First place: Francis Perrin, Rudy Vallee, Thierry Amisse,
Runner up: Hasu Patel, Mystical Magical Michael, Luke Litman.
The Legation Boules Club also just had a tournament on June 7 at the French Legation Museum, a select Doublettes. 9 teams showed up at 8:30 AM when the weather was still sweet, but by 11am you could start to feel the Texas sun. That didn’t disturb the concentration of the players even so in between every round people were seeking the shade. All the teams were pretty well balanced with only local players who all knew each other. So when it was time to draw the teams randomly you could hear players speculating on who was going to be with whom. Well the best lucky draw was Amine and Jeffrey and they went all the way to the finals against Linda and Mystical Michael. Jeffrey and Amine were on fire and didn’t give a chance to shine to the other team. Hasu and Olivier played in a tight game for third place against Arsene and Earl and they got it by a hair 13 to12. It was a really sweet tournament, thank to the organizer Peter Gray who gave up playing to run it. Everyone brought some great food and fun were had by all. Another great day for the game of petanque. Yehaaaaaa! Thank you to everyone who participate.
First place: Amine Najah/ Jeffrey Schryver
Second place: Linda Schryver/ Michael Kaufman
Third place: Hasu Patel/ Olivier Simonet
Fourth place: Arsene Dupin/ Earl Lowell
No consolante.

Congratulation to all the clubs that keeps on making the game of petanque grow in Austin Texas.





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