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Hello everyone and welcome,

For many years I have been performing at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and I love it!.  But during the week of June 2008 I could not find anybody to play Petanque so I decided to call every French restaurants within 100 miles to see if they played between themselves somewhere?  I believed they were bound to know about the game, well I found out that a lot of those french restaurants didn’t have a French owner and knew nothing about the game.  But in Colorado Springs there is was a French owner of the restaurant La Petite Maison, he was from Paris, Henry Chaperon, and on the phone the first thing he said was “of course I play Petanque like every body in France and I do have a backyard behind the restaurant maybe we can built a court”. Sure enough when I went to meet him for the first time we started on the spot to dig and dig and dig and a few hours later we had some kind of court to be able to play. We improved it later by bringing in tomes of granite.  This was the fresh start of the Pike Peak Petanque Club, the club is still strong to date.  It is now organized by Virginia and Jeff Fox, and when I come to town they are so sweet with me to the point that they are changing their weekly playing schedule to accommodate mine.  I eventually got to meet  David Keil who had a club on his now called the West Central Suburbian Boules League Denver and I supported  him to become a FPUSA club now called  The Miles High Petanque.  A very active club  that is now part of the Central Region.  David with his Vice President Stephen Lessard created the NLP (National Petanque League) It is the first of his kind and hundred of players are now part of it all over the Nation.  So now when I am in Colorado I get to play some great competitive games in Denver and great social games in Colorado Springs.   Petanque is strong in the Central Region in Colorado!  The Pikes Petanque Club plays every Wednesday from 5 to sunset at PJ’S Bistro on 1015. For more infos please contact Virginia Fox,  vkfox@vkfox.com  And for the Miles High Petanque please contact David Keil, wcsbl1@gmail.com.   Come and play with us this summer in Colorado.

A+ Love Arsene

IMG_1999 IMG_1993 IMG_1992


That what the backyard of La Petite Maison looked like before we starting building the court.



And that what we did!




Henri Chaperont, the chef on left with his friend Gerard Mali.


From left to right Karen, Rob, Rook Johnny Malle,Arsene, Jeff, Virginia


15_juin_2011_Arsene04b (Large)IMG_5710



Also a Petanque player and the owner of the best magic shop in the US.


Colorado Renaissance Festival players.


David Keil on left President of Mile High Petanque Club, center Stephen Lessard vice president.


My friend Johnny Fox sword swallower extraordinaire.


From left to right, Dan Hasselius fire eater extraordinaire, word famous Puke and Snot, and Johnny Fox.


The Vodca Family dancers extraordinaire came to play with the Mile High Club in Denver

IMG_5528 IMG_5476 IMG_5524 photo IMG_1786 photo IMG_1768 photo IMG_3294


The first FPUSA Regional Tournament in the Central Region at The Mile high Club

unnamed IMG_2199 IMG_2125

IMG_2121IMG_2087 IMG_2116


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