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Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club had a fantastic 2015 year.  Here is a recap.  We expanded the game to many new players in Austin and abroad.  We hosted our first FPUSA Regionals.  We were part of the FPUSA Delegation at the Tete a Tete World Championship in Nice, France.  We were represented at major events like the famous race Lone Star le Mans at the Circuit of the Americas, the Viva Streets Austin Festival etc.  We participated at many local, state and international tournaments like the 3 Jours de Poitiers.  Our HOT delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of our twin Sister City, Angers, France .  We were featured in several petanque magazines and newspapers in Europe.  We made new international connections with superstar players  and got to play with them like with Marco Foyot, Dylan Rocher, Diego Rizzi,etc.  We bought new equipment, new banners, new caps and patches.  We visited boules factories.  We displayed the flag of HOT at the birth place of Petanque in La Ciotat.  We welcomed three new petanque clubs in Austin, but most of all we got to play the wonderful game that we love all year long with friends and family .  Thank you for being a present, past or future member of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club.   We love you! On behalf of the board of directors have a Happy New Year 2016.

A+ Love Arsene



IMG_4831IMG_2345IMG_4834IMG_1708IMG_1673DSCN0954IMG_0283unnamedIMG_6361unnamedIMG_6363IMG_6193985569_origIMG_5905IMG_5891IMG_5893IMG_5169IMG_5036IMG_4638IMG_3331IMG_4192IMG_1627IMG_1710IMG_1716unnamed-2IMG_1146IMG_1052IMG_1178IMG_1043IMG_1157IMG_1142IMG_1138IMG_1048IMG_1060IMG_1085IMG_0682IMG_9041IMG_9037 unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed IMG_9110 IMG_9151 IMG_9215 IMG_9226 IMG_9299 unnamed IMG_9455 IMG_9457 IMG_9558 IMG_9565


P1010714 10636398_10153052536288699_7185052692291589520_oIMG_6627 IMG_6548 IMG_6541 unnamed IMG_6856 IMG_6741 unnamed IMG_6945 P1110582 P1110643 IMG_6958 P1000610 P1000680 P1000718 IMG_7119 P1000715 P1000735IMG_8427 IMG_8420 IMG_8409 IMG_8402 IMG_8238 P1010242 IMG_8007 p1010082 IMG_7863 IMG_7835 IMG_7795 P1000934 P1000873 IMG_7527 IMG_7530 P1000837 IMG_7471 P1000834 IMG_7453 IMG_7511 IMG_7510

P1010694_01P1010695P1010696P1000726 10929004_1044086162284531_1322355584540463353_n IMG_7041 IMG_8979 unnamed IMG_9061 IMG_9153 unnamed unnamed IMG_9591 IMG_0014 IMG_0323 IMG_0383 IMG_0401 11267997_1027914793900322_7344183233222752973_o IMG_1439 DSCN0954 5472135_orig IMG_1674 IMG_1706 11403325_1601042643467909_514582177283622535_n IMG_1922 IMG_1933 IMG_2130 IMG_4779 IMG_4805 IMG_4801

unnamed 10995103_923179727732607_6854599100309496782_n IMG_9831 IMG_9959 IMG_0133 IMG_0199 IMG_0204 IMG_0236 IMG_0409 IMG_1045 IMG_1039 IMG_1052 IMG_1104 IMG_1106

IMG_6817IMG_1116 IMG_1130 IMG_1154 unnamed-13unnamed-14 IMG_1386 DSCN1005 8226957_orig IMG_2511 IMG_2649 IMG_2767 IMG_2791 IMG_4640 IMG_5051 IMG_5056 unnamed-9 1209016_orig IMG_5843 IMG_6360 unnamed-1 11202120_1533135503678083_2668003275129308508_n IMG_6882 DSCN3701IMG_0434 IMG_0447 IMG_0503 IMG_0932 IMG_0929 IMG_0939 IMG_0962 11267997_1027914793900322_7344183233222752973_o


DSC_0007 IMG_3960 photo IMG_3911 IMG_0639 IMG_5531 DSC_0158 IMG_5869 Original iPhone 1854 IMG_5161 IMG_4927 IMG_5353 IMG_0640 IMG_5058 Apr 23_001 IMG_0153_2 02.23.2010 011 DSC_0026 IMG_3942 DSC_0138 02.23.2010 097 2011-05-02_006 IMG_5870 IMG_3602 IMG_0617


dscn3752 (2) DSC_0039 IMG_5162 IMG_5667 823458401_MDdZC-M 02.23.2010 015 IMG_5050 DSC_0081 IMG_9051 IMG_0391 02.23.2010 099 Original iPhone 1829 photo DSC_0141 823522371_EFA4Z-M IMG_3503


IMG_0826 02.23.2010 045 IMG_9064 IMG_4454 img_2211 02.23.2010 096

IMG_0264 IMG_0463




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