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Ah! I am back on the land of where the game of Petanque was invented. Yehaaaa for France!. This is my annual Tour de Petanque 2016. So far I had the chance today to reconnect and play with my original club St Genevieve des Bois. It always feel great to see everyone again. Rain or shine they come and play all year long. Today it was lows in the mid 30s but on the courts they were at least sixty players in the middle of the afternoon. Some of those guys have played the game for more than seventy five years. No kidding! And they can still play fantastic and are in fabulous shape. One of the guy, Bruno was telling me that he use to play Porte d’Auteuil in Paris when he was sixteen year old. Auteuil use to be the mecca of the game in Paris around 1960 He told me he played with guys like Ange Arcolao, dit « Bebert de Cagnes », Marco Foyot,the brothers Mattei,Marcel Sarnito, Pedro Martinez, Julien Soto etc… It was a different era and not too many people speak about it. It was a time when the game was all about gambling. The big guys used to play for big time money. Bruno told me that he saw some of the players lose their jackets, shoes, houses, their cars and wives. Those stories are worth a great book!. So when you get to meet someone who was there and saw it all, you just listen and listen and listen and smile and say thank you for sharing. Great to be back sur la terre de la Petanque! Soon on the way to Lyon to see the stars of petanque at the PPF.(Black and white picture) Marco is next to Bébert de Cagnes.

Merci. A+ Love Arsene

















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