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Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas just hosted the FPUSA Inter-Regional and our annual HOT Tournament. What a blast!  He took us weeks of preparations but it was well worth it. We had players coming as far as California, Florida and Ohio to try to qualified  for the National in Orlando Florida for the FIPJP Men and Women Championship Qualifier that will be in Belgium in 2017.  Most players participated at both events. It was a monster weekend of petanque. The first day it was at the magnificent historic Browning Hangar. The level of all the players were so strong. It was no way to tell who was the better team. But one team merged out of the pack on both days to make history by winning both events, Amine Najah and Arsene Dupin. No one ever achieved that before in the history of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club. What a great achievement for HOT.  We are still on cloud nine.  Another team who distinguished themselves were Ed Porto and Jim Schwobel who came up second in the Regional and third in HOT.  Dallas and San Antonio were well represented as well with a third place of Karim Moumouni/ Richard Fernandez and a fourth place to qualified of Juan Garcia/ Stephen Johns.  On the women side Gina Dejoy and Shannon Hodge won the Women Regional against a local HOT team who played fantastic, Linda Schryver and Marion Brown.  Also we noticed a  great combination of the San Antonio and Dallas club’s Jeanne Marie Browning/ Amy Bienvenu who finished third and a combination of player from HOT and Dallas Marie Claude Briswalder/ Menzina Churchman  who also qualified to go participate at National Qualifier in Orlando. Good luck to all of you for Belgium.

The next day it was in a completely different setting and atmosphere. It was located at Eastwoods park and we did a sauvage style tournament. Lucky we had a lot of shade and the good weather welcomed us for the whole day.  Again most of the teams were the same to battle this time for the annual HOT Trophy. Christophe Chambers and Walt Elder were the team in the final against Amine and Arsene. They started real strong with a 5/0 they were playing so good that the crowd was cheering them.  But slowly by slowly we were able to catch up until they started again to go ahead with a big margin 10/6 and again we came back to 10/10 and they got 12/11 and by a miracle we finished 13/12. The small crowd who stayed to the end loved it.  It was a weekend  extravaganza of petanque! I like to thank everyone who participated at one or both tournaments and I also like to say thank you to  the board of directors of HOT and all the clubs members and everyone who helped to make those two events a great success.  Merci.  A+Love Arsene.

Results in the FPUSA Regional

First place: Amine Najah/ Arsene Dupin
Second place: Ed Porto/ Jim Schwobel
Third place: Karim Moumouni/ Richard Fernandez
Fourth place: Juan Garcia/ Stephen Johns
Results: Women
First place: Gina Dejoy/Shannon Hodge
Second place: Linda Schryver/ Marion Brown
Third place: Jeanne Marie Browning/ Amy Bienvenu
Fourth place: Marie Claude Briswalder/ Menzina Churchman
First place Rick Armstrong/ Walt Tollefson
Second place: Earl Lovell/ Wielfried Afopa
Third place: Cesar Maksoud/ Xavier Grandjean

Results in the HOT Tournament
First place: Amine Najah/ Arsene Dupin
Second place: Christophe Chambers/ Walt Elder
Third place: Ed Porto/ Jim Schwobel

Fourth place Thierry Amisse/Lucas MC Clure

First place: Juan Garcia/ Richard Fernandez
Second place:Amy Bienvenu/ Jeanne Marie Browning
Third place: Linda Schryver/ Earl Lovell






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