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Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas Club got the chance to be represented at the National in Fresno by Arsene and Jim. It was a fantastic experience on many levels.  It was for both of us our first National in USA, we did many National before but all in Europe.  It was great to see the flawless organization of the Fresno Club in action.  They even did it without their president been present at the event, that does says a lot about all the club volunteers. Thank you so much for taking care of us. It was a full weekend with Women and Men Singles on Saturday and Women and Men Triplettes Mixed on Sunday.

A National tournament usually gather some of the top players in the Nation and this was for sure the case in Fresno.
Jim and I did play in both categories, the Singles and Triplettes mixed with Michelle Healy from the San Antonio Club.  We won the Triplette Consolante!  Let me tell you this is a great achievement regarding the fact that the field of players was unreal.
In the Singles we went all the way to the quarter of finals when I got eliminated by the player who won now 3 times the FPUSA National Singles. So that was real good too.

In Fresno they have a large community of players from Laos, the Hmong people. What a fantastic group, so welcoming and such great players.  For the last few years they won almost all tournaments and that wasn’t different in the Singles the top two finalist in Men were By Vang who played against Paul  Yang.  It was a pleasure to watch such quality players on a very difficult terrain.  By started strong and Paul wasn’t able to catch up even so he put up a huge battle .  In the Women Chia Yang Paul’s wife took it all the way  against Holly Sammons.  The next day on Sunday, the weather again was real hot  but most of the time we were able to play in the shade under those great Californian trees.

In the Triplettes Mixed it was no surprise to see By again in the final this time with his wife May Lis Yang and Fue Vang.  But they had a serious team against them.   A triplette  combination of  Celia Crittenden, Pascal Corchia and Philippe Agnesse.  It was a tense game all the way, By’s team was the favored but Pascal last shot made them go all the way to 13 points and for the first time took away the Championship from the local team.  With an explosion of joy the trio hugged each other on the piste and got a standing ovation from the spectators.  Congratulations to all!     A+ Love Arsene

Results: National Triplettes Mixed:

First place: Gold medal, Celia Crittenden, Pascal Corchia, Philippe Agnesse
Second place: Silver medal,  May Lis Yang, By Vang,Fue Vang
Third place: Bronze medal, Chia Vang,Paul Yang, Jer Thao
Fourth place: Diana Jacob, Mark Greenberg, Artem Zuev
First place: Michelle Healy,Arsene Dupin, jim Schwobel
Second place: Janice Bissonnette, Thomas Moua, Chan Xiong

Results: National Men Singles:

First place: By Vang
Second place: Paul Yang
Third place: Wolf Kurz
Fourth place: Philippe Agnesse

First place: George Bedrossian
Second place: Patrick  Baslet

Results: National  Women Singles:
First place: Chia Yang
Second place: Holly Sammons
Third place: Janet Kirtland
First place: Barbara Kongsbak
Second place:  Xua




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