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Hello everyone and welcome,

Wow, can you believe that we again we participated at the World Championship of Petanque.  But this time we went there first class, because we had a super coach the several times World Champions Marco Foyot to help us to rise to the occasion.  The host Nation this year was Madagascar, our players had to travel half way around the world and break several times zone to acclimate to the beautiful city of Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Marco Foyot was kind enough to invite the team first to go visit him and train in France on the way to Madagascar.  Only 3 members of the  Team went to France it was composed of Juan Garcia, Pascal Corchia and Walt Elder who all had the chance to  visit the Obut factory as well as do some training there and also spend time at Marco’s house in Loubeyrat that is located in the Puy-de-Dôme  in central France.   When I heard that, I knew they were in for a gift of a lifetime.  I had the opportunity myself to experience Marco hospitality and it is grandiose. Merci!

Walt one of the Team member who is from Austin Texas even had the opportunity to play in a tournament in Clermont Ferrand in Doublette with Marco as part of the training.  Wow! How about that! Too fantastic!  The Team reconnected with their fourth player P.J Mallette who traveled strait from Oregon to Madagascar.  Now that the whole Team was complete it was time to be at the opening ceremony among the 48 Countries of the best players in the World.   On the first day Pascal got sick and could not participate at the Tir de Precision so Walt had the opportunity to take his place.  What great deal to do that for him.  The next day the Team got to play their first game against the Italian team with Diego Rizzi, that is a hard team to play for a starter. And they went on to play several other Counties  China, Israel, Czech, Turkey two times, Cameroon and  Norway.   The results were not the best but the experience to be participating at the World Championship  will be engraved in their memories forever.  Congratulations to all of you.  15219404_1574421262584349_3712575538470423911_n15337670_1572000652826410_8101811527493511385_n15253629_1572000679493074_2933781828724337103_n15283991_1572000699493072_6141365554247880685_n15317832_1572000736159735_8086387874973848273_n15337669_1572000549493087_3139671969781548710_n15285050_1572000566159752_551813313756550078_n15267739_10211513534504129_8163065750061731359_n15192563_1570629339630208_5393846477756012040_n15267965_1570629392963536_2358920551975709494_n15192676_1570629489630193_2988205724570859762_n15232298_1570629379630204_6432938460224783528_n15319045_1574420982584377_44203865158943985_n15350463_1574421169251025_2918646005049571847_n15284868_1574421052584370_4197180855236960922_n15284911_1574421202584355_9056776581383802709_n15319192_10211522025235062_8656533938610162403_n15192737_1919600188263252_8225887662445669854_n15241813_716047711878766_2657961922781018894_n15219989_10211310630832309_6112034487915210348_n15181165_10211310623512126_7062079100887032174_nimg_8238img_8235img_8236img_8240

A+ Love Arsene.

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