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Hello everyone and welcome,

Full weekend of fun!  We have teams coming as far as Mexico and Canada to enjoy the Austin Texas welcome.  The courts are ready at the Historic Mueller Browning Hangar and at The Zaytouna Lounge.   We like to say thank you to everyone who supported the set up of both places as well as all friends and family and sponsors who are supporting the Heart of Texas Petanque Club in any form or shape.   Here a couple of pictures of the calm before the storm.  A+ Love Arsene.




Hello everyone and welcome,

Don’t forget this weekend it is our 9th annual HOT Extravaganza Petanque Tournaments.  April First at the Historic Browning Mueller Hangar and April second at  the Zaytouna Lounge.

In the spirit of keeping on bringing the game to Texas, the Heart of Texas demonstrates Petanque to French language students at the Freestyle Language Center
The Freestyle Language Center (FLC) is a very dynamic language school with energetic instructors who teach all levels of French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to adults in evening and weekend classes in Austin, Texas.
On Saturday morning, March 25, 2017, FLC held an Open House as part of Francophonie Month. Attendees included current/prospective French students and their instructors. As a special gift to them, FLC arranged for the Heart of Texas Petanque Club to teach the guests some fundamentals of pétanque and give them some practical experience in the French language while learning the national pastime sport of France – Petanque.
HOTPC members Marion Bermonday and Jim Schwobel spent the morning with about 20 beginners (in pétanque), teaching them in French! After some initial instruction from Marion and Jim, the students played actual games where they got to utilize their French language skills while playing this very social game.
The students found that learning pétanque in French was an excellent way to improve their language skills because it combines lots of new words and grammar with the added fun of playing the game.   Thank you to the teachers. Merci.

A+ Arsene


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