Hello everyone and welcome.

When I first came to America in 1978,  I though no one ever heard of the game of Petanque, when I first came to Austin in 1982 I though for sure no one ever heard of Petanque in TX.   So I use to carry severals set of balls with me at all time just in case someone wanted to learn the game, but most of the time I will end up by practicing by myself.   Now 32 years later there is many places where you can play in town like The French Legation Museum, Zaytouna Lounge, Paggi Square, the Hangar, Pease Park etc..  and now there is also three Petanque clubs in Austin.  The first FPUSA Petanque club in Austin, founded in 2008 The Heart of Texas Petanque Club, The Legation Boules club and Club Tanque both just founded in 2014.   The game is going strong in town for sure! Congratulation to the new addition of both clubs.   The Legation Boules Club had their first Tournament this Sunday at the French Legation Museum, it was a Doublette about 12 teams were there, the teams were put together by the luck of the draw.  The Tournament was organize by Ed Priest,John Luther,Marie Claude Briswalder and Peter Gray.  Every teams played at least four games, the games were with time limit.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.    A doublette distinguish themselves among the other teams,  Christophe and Jacques they won against Rick and Jeff in the final.   The trophy was a beautiful hand crafted wooden map of Texas and a Fleur de Lis design.  Congratulation to all participants.





IMG_4288 IMG_4291 IMG_4292

IMG_4294 1959281_806681099393207_6688338816149102757_n 10603623_806683106059673_8043965889641004457_n


1st Place Christophe Chambers & Jacques Richard
2nd Place Rick Armstrong & Jeff Morris
3rd place Carolyn Cornell & Thierry Amisse
4th Place Hasu Patel & Gullaume Smith

A+ Love Arsene


Hello everyone and welcome.

Today, it was a beautiful day at Paggi Square.   We were graced by the weather it didn’t go above 81,  that a miracle for Texas. It was the first time we had tournament at Paggi Square.   The idea of this Open Tournament was to select randomly a shooter and a pointer to play together. It turned out really good, the teams were very balanced.  When I arrived the courts were already traced and prepared by the support of club members (thank you Terry and Jim).   We did the group picture, and the tournament organizer Rick did the drawing of the teams and gave a quick reminder of the rules specific to the courts.  We started around 9 am and the last game finished around 4pm.   Two players were on fire!  Walt Elder and Peter Gray, they won first place against Jim Schwobel and Alain Breaux.  The Consolante was won by Mitzi Gimenez and Arsene Dupin against Terry Plemons and David Bintliff.    Again the Heart of Texas Petanque like to say thank you to everyone who helped and  to everyone who participated.   A+ Love Arsene.


First place. From left to right Walt and Peter

IMG_3957 IMG_3961 IMG_3963 IMG_3962 IMG_4063 IMG_4061




Second place. From left to right Jim and Alain.


First place Consolante. From left to right Mitzi and Arsene.


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Petanque at the French Legation Museum!

Hello everyone and welcome.

Petanque has been established at the French Legation Museum for many, many years.

All sorts of people come to visit the Museum daily and every time while taking the Museum Tour they see a bunch of people throwing metal balls around and inevitably ask the Tour guide, ”What is this game?”   Sometimes you get to see a funny situation when a person will break away from the Tour group and run over toward our group and ask about the game, hold a boule, smile, throw it and will run back to catch up with the rest of the Tour.   Sometimes a full group will come and try the game.   So the French Legation Museum has been a sanctuary for that slice of French culture, petanque!  The professionals as well as for the amateurs come to play there.  The Heart of Texas Petanque Club does play at the French Legation Museum, every Wednesday from 1pm to 5 pm as well as every Sunday’s from 1pm to 5 pm.    See you there.

A+ Love Arsene.

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Hello everyone and welcome.

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club is going to have a triplette style melee at Paggi Square on Saturday October 4, 2014.

It will be a fun and interesting “Select Triplettes Tournament”. What does that mean, you ask? Well, we will have two hats from which to draw names. In one hat will be shooters, the other will be pointers. We’ll draw a shooter’s name, then two pointers’ names – to make a team of 3 players.
Come join a fun day at this great petanque venue. Bring lunch and chairs.

Cost: $10/person
Awards: Cash and trophies
Registration deadlines:
– If you mail it in, it must be postmarked by Monday, Sept. 29.
– You can also register with any HOTPC officer at our weekly games – through Wednesday, Oct. 1.

Act fast because the tournament is limited to 42 players! See you there

A+ Love Arsene.

HOT NEWS! What hipsters in Paris are playing.

Hello everyone and welcome.

Le Mondial de Millau came and went.  I hope you had the chance to watch it live on Boulistenaute. Bravo to all the participant!   To this day participating at the Mondial is my fondest memory of the game of Petanque.

A+ Love Arsene


Rocher, Lacroix,Suchaud.

Rocher, Lacroix,Suchaud.

Sebastien DA Cunha

Sebastien DA Cunha

Left Stéphane Le Bourgeois,right Sebastien Da Cuntha

Left Stéphane Le Bourgeois,right Sebastien Da Cunha

Take a look at the is BBC article about the game of Petanque.

A+ Love Arsene.



Hello everyone and welcome.

We had the great opportunity to have HOT represented in Colorado for the Open Singles and the Central Inter-Regional Doubles by our Vice President Jim Schwobel.  Read his report.

I left the hot Austin weather last Tuesday, July 22, taking a leisure three-day drive to Colorado and much cooler weather.

I drove through Oklahoma and Kansas discovering esoteric attractions along the way, you know, rusty old tractors, broken windmills, etc. – but NOT enjoying the smell of miles and miles of cattle feed lots in western Oklahoma and eastern Kansas. How do the people in that area stand the smell?

Arriving in Colorado Springs, I got to spend a couple of days hanging out with Arsene. He is performing at the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado – between Denver and Colorado Springs. We visited a few sights in the area and played some petanque with a fun group of folks in Colorado Springs.

The main purpose of this trip was to participate in a weekend of petanque tournaments sanctioned by the Federation of Petanque, USA (FPUSA) and sponsored by the Mile High Petanque Club (MHPC) of Denver, Colorado. The tournaments included a singles tournament on Saturday and a doubles tournament on Sunday. It was held at Centennial Gardens, an oasis of flora and fauna in downtown Denver. I include “fauna” because there were several cotton-tail rabbits living among the shrubs.

This was the first time MHPC had sponsored an “official” FPUSA tournament and I must say David Keil, the president of MHPC, and the club members did a fantastic job of organizing and executing a flawless tournament. They provided information packets with Denver attractions, “French-style” sandwiches for lunch both days, Orangina and plenty of water.

The terrain was located in beautiful Centennial Gardens – right in the heart of downtown Denver. The material was crushed granite, not the red type we have in Austin but the gray granite indigenous to this area. The underlying surfaced was relatively hard because the normal foot traffic of folks visiting the gardens had packed it. There was a thin layer of loose gravel, mostly ¼ inch minus – and this granite does not have the really sharp edges like our red granite. All courts were relatively level but did contain inundations a bit more pronounced that what we find at the French Legation.

I would say that the level of play was on par with HOT games as there were some new folks to the sport and others who had been playing most of their lives. France was represented by several players and there was even a guy from Togo.

I played in both tournaments – doing poorly in the singles but getting 2nd place in the doubles tournament. My partner was Ed Porto who is the President of FPUSA and lives in California. It was a pairing arranged over the Internet as we had never played together. There were 11 teams from all over the world in the doubles tournament so I’m proud of my team’s performance. We won 4 games and lost the final 13-8 to a team from France and Togo.

Jim Schwobel
First place:  Boris Devi,Andre Pelissier.
Second place:  Ed Porto, Jim Schwobel
Third place:  Dave Carter, Jeff Bradshaw.

Congratulations to all!

A+ Love Arsene.





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Hello everyone and welcome.

I had the great opportunity to go see the preparations the day before the event for the Open Singles and the Central Inter-Regional Doubles  Tournament organized by  the Mile High Petanque Club.  I wasn’t able to participate because on the weekend I am doing shows.  But on Friday Ed Porto the President of FPUSA and Etienne Rijkheer were already in town making the President and Vice President of the Mile High Petanque Club David Keil and Stephen Lessard pass their test to become Umpire.   And bien sur we also all had the chance to play a few games. I could see and experience already the great organization that will take place the next two days.   Great courts, beautiful gardens, free parking, great people.   All of the component to make a successful tournament.   As the matter of facts while I am writing this article Jim Schwobel the Vice President of HOT, who came all the way from Texas to participate at both events.   He  just called me to give me a few updates about the Tournament, and the first thing he said was

“Wow they had free food”! and how welcoming everyone was.    About 20 players were there for the Singles and one was on the top the whole time Loris Humber from France.  Congratulations to you and to everyone who participated and a special “clin  d’oeil” to  Virginia who came from Colorado Springs representing the Pikes Peak Petanque Club and won the Consolante B.   Everyone is looking forward to play the Central-Inter Regional Doubles tomorrow.  Congratulation David and company  for a great event.  We will keep you posted for results of the Doubles  tomorrow.

A+ Love Arsene

Results Singles

1st = Loris Humbert (from France) middle
2nd = Skip Montoya (New Mexico) on the left
3rd = Andre Pelissier

Consolante A – 1st = Ed Porto 2nd = Steve Lessar
Consolante B = Virginia Fox


Twenty players for the Singles!


The Singles final!

The Singles final!




The day before the Singles.


From right to left. Jim, David,Ed,Etienne,Arsene

From right to left. Jim, David,Ed,Etienne,Arsene.

Setting up the courts!

Setting up the courts!

Grooming the courts!

Grooming the courts!



Stephen passing the umpire test.



David passing the umpire test.

David passing the umpire test.




Jim in the beautiful Centennial Gardens!

Jim representing HOT at the beautiful Centennial Gardens of Denver.



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