Hello everyone and welcome.

Yes the superstars of Petanque are coming to Austin Texas unreal!   ThinkTanque is hosting The P’tit Louis at the Bloor Ranch.  This is unbelievable  Marco Foyot is coming back to Austin  and  Henry Lacroix is coming to America for the first time and out of all places he is coming to Austin Texas, yehaaaaa!   If you don’ know who Henry Lacroix is?   Well let me tell you, he is from France born in La Seyne sur Mer. He won the Master of Petanque, he is 8 times World Champion, one time Europe Champion,  7 times French Champion and the list goes on and on and on. He usually plays the role of pointer or middle representing France with the Dream Team.   When I was in Millau a few years back I had the great opportunity to meet with Henri and to watch him play.  A lot to learn from him, his technique, his concentration, his motivation  and his approach to tactic of the game and team work. I have seeing him expressing his joy by jumping  in the arms of his friends Philippe Quintais  and Philippe Suchaud  after winning major events.  What a blessing! to be able to have him coming to the P’tit Louis in Austin.  And yes Marco Foyot is coming back after his very successful tour in the US,  he is bringing  his friend, Bernard Martin with him and they will play together. We will also have Richard Trani a native of France who will play with Henri Lacroix, we will also have the Team from Canada to defend their  P’tit Louis tittle that they won in New Mexico in 2013.  And many more brilliant players. See you there,  don’t miss this event this is the real deal  and a unique chance  to be among the stars.  Saturday 26 April ,Sunday 27 April for more information go to

A+ Love Arsene

2013 Winners of the P'tit Louis The Canadian Team.

2013 Winners of the P’tit Louis The Canadian Team.


Marco Foyot  in Austin Texas.

Marco Foyot in Austin Texas.

Henri in action.

Henri Lacroix in action,also coming to Austin.


From left to right Quintais, Lacroix, Suchaud


In Millau, France 2010

In Millau, France 2010 from left to right Henri, Arsene, Philippe.



Richard Trani on left.

Richard Trani on left.

The finalist of the P'tit Louis 2013.

The finalist of the P’tit Louis 2013.





Hello everyone and welcome.

One more time I had the opportunity to play petanque in Australia but this time it was probably my last. So I had to make the best of it and I played again in both club in Melbourne Australia, at the St Kilda Petanque club and the Camberwell club.  Two different club but the same heart, their generosity shine on both side.  At St Kilda it was too cool because I got to play at night  with Stephane Langlois a great player who is one of the team member who represented Australia at several Petanque World Championship.  When we started talking to each other, he told me that when he was at the World Championship in Marseille in 2012, he took some pictures with the American team and sure enough here they were on his phone my friends Pascal, Juan and Ziggy representing the US.   I also got to meet Vice President and International referee of Petanque Federation Australia Dede  Deramond and his family, you should have seeing  his daughter play oh my God!  Don’t be surprise if one day you get to hear about her as a World Champion!

At the Camberwell Club I got to experience a friendly competition, Carrousel style with the club members,  and did get the opportunity to meet and play with the man who created the club back in 1992,  Christian Draschler from France.  What a great time and let me tell you all the members of the club surely knows their piste because it was some unreal pointing and the grouping of all the balls were very tight.  The welcoming form each Presidents and members of both clubs were above and beyond   I for sure had  great time and felt at home.

Thank you to you all, and if you come to see us some day in Austin Tx at the Heart of Texas Petanque club, we will give you also a  big Texas welcome.  Merci

At the world Championship of Petanque in Marseille 2012 Stephane is on the bottom right.

At the world Championship of Petanque in Marseille 2012 Stephane Langlois is on the bottom right.

A selfie with Stephane!

A selfie with Stephane!

At the St Kilda club from left to right Arnaud, Luc, Patric,Joseph.

At the St Kilda club from left to right Arnaud, Luc, Patric,Joseph.


At the St Kilda club, playing  at night with great lights provided but the St Kilda Sport Club.




President of the St Kilda club Jean Claude Dufroux, in the ring.

President of the St Kilda club Jean Claude Dufroux.

IMG_8278 IMG_8277 IMG_8268 IMG_8279


International referee Dede.


Pause time with great food.


IMG_8350 IMG_8365 IMG_8363 IMG_8352 IMG_8348 IMG_8346 IMG_8340 IMG_8329 IMG_8325 IMG_8308 IMG_8302


Creator of the club on left Christian Draschler and current President Richard Tarlinton


From left to right Antoine,Christian.Luc and Arnaud all from France.


Nicole Buffet on left and  Rolande IMG_8357

From left to right Antoine,Christian, Arsene and Arnaud


Felix et Rolande Hernandez



Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne, Australia.



Hello everyone and welcome

This weekend was the 6th Annual International Petanque Tournament in Lafayette Louisiana.  Twenty teams from France, Texas and Louisiana participated in the Lafayette International Petanque Tournament . Participants came from the Heart of Texas (HOT) Petanque Club from Austin and from the Swamp Petanque Club from Thibodaux. Defending champions Bernard Champey and Geraldine Ortis came from Ardeche, in the Rhone –Alpes Region of France. Rounding out the other players and the curious were many residents from the Acadiana Region.
The recent news team formed with Thierry Amisse from France and Hasu Patel from India are on the roll, and they just won the 6th Annual Lafayette Tournament !  Wow!  Hasu Patel didn’t even know what the game of Petanque was seven months ago, but he did play cricket all his life, he learned the game  with  HOT free petanque lessons at Paggi Square as well as with Thierry Amisse with an intense training in his driveway, well the results are showing, unreal, because they also just won the Zaytouna Lounge and two weeks later they do it again as a team and win Lafayette, congratulations to both!   They didn’t have an easy team to win against because they were playing against the Champions from the last year Tournament.  The team was composed of Bernard Champey ( World Champion of  boules Lyonnaise) and his companion Geraldine Ortis who come  from a Petanque players family.   It was a pretty close game, the crowd really appreciated watching it but at the end Thierry and Hasu won 13/12.  Bravo!   It is now the fourth year that represents of Austin Texas participate and wins the Lafayette Tournament congratulations to all participants and to the organizers of this sweet Tournoie Francais.  Merci.

A+ Love Arsene.


From left to right Mike Leblanc President of the Lafayette club, Christophe Pilut the Tournament organizer, Hasu Patel and Thierry Amisse.


From left to right Geraldine, Thierry,Bernard, Hasu.

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Hello everyone and welcome.

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to visit my second Petanque Club in Australia, the Camberwell Petanque Club.

Richard Tarlinton the President of the club and Sue Gray the Secretary  graciously came to pick me up to go to Camberwell.  Wow!  what a facility they have, just unreal!  the kind of set up every clubs dreams about.   The club is located at Lynden Park, Camberwell,  at the former Burwood Bowling Club.  They do have the one of the best playing facilities in Australia and a wonderful clubhouse.  They share the facility with the Veteran Car Club of Australia and the Girl Guides.  In 2012, their club was selected to hold the National Doubles Championships and this year they were selected to hold the National Triples Championships.  Many of  the members  eat and drink all together after the games and it was no exception that night!  The food was unreal, even some emigrated French players  had handmade some rillettes,  I felt like I was back in France.  The games were great and welcoming, everyone get to play against each other, they all put balls in a large plastic bucket and select teams by random and after each games, they redraw the balls, a great opportunity to meet everyone and to encounter different type of players, and you get to become instant friends with everyone. We all played until sunset. When about 2000 parrots flew over the courts, I felt that club was blessed. Thank you to all club members for your welcoming.  Merci

A+ Love Arsene.


Richard Tarlinton, president of the Camberwell club.

IMG_7810 IMG_7813 IMG_7816


Sue Gray showing me the bell that start and finish the timed games.



Handmade clock that you can see from every courts for times games.

IMG_7823 IMG_7830 IMG_7832 IMG_7836 IMG_7844


Nice innovative scoreboard.

IMG_7854 IMG_7860

Felix in action!

Felix in action!




Felix on the left emigrated from France to Australia for years, what a great guy! and a fantastic player you will never know he is 78 years old!

IMG_7884 IMG_7886 IMG_7888

Thousand of Parrots

Thousand of Parrots

IMG_7895 IMG_7899


A wonderful couple from France.

IMG_7907 IMG_7908





Hello everyone and welcome.

I just got the chance to play in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time.  I went to the St Kilda Sport Club in Melbourne, Australia.   On the day I went it was only one petanque player there, Luc Bernhard from Alsace,France.  He arrived only a month and a half ago in Australia and became a member right away of the St Kilda Petanque Club, because he wanted to reconnect with the game which he learned from his father who is an accomplished players and does play competition in France, Luc is a good player as well, and so he hosted me and showed me all around the St Kilda club and we played for a couple of hours.  The club does have over 80 petanque members but my schedule didn’t allowed me to be there when they all get together.   But it was fantastic time anyway, I felt privileged to be able to play there and enter those unique grounds and got the chance to see the Club House.    The club started as St Kilda Bowling Club and was formed in 1865, it is the second oldest existing bowls club in Australia. ( bowl is a form of bocce and petanque combined together).

The part of the clubhouse that was built in 1876 is the oldest exsisting bowls clubhouse in Australia, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage.   Petanque arrived in St Kilda in 1992, when the “St Kilda Petanque Club” was formed and combined with the St Kilda Bowling Club and the Emerald Hill Cricket Club to form the St Kilda Sports Club. A “piste” was constructed on a disused bowling green. In 1996 the Australian Championships were held at the St Kilda Sports Club. Since its formation the club has been very successful; in 2003 a St Kilda member was selected in the Australian team to play in the world championships.   We got to play with Luc on that piste of about 42 meters long and 16 meters wide, probably large enough to have 13 courts for competition.   I also got the chance to watch some the bowls players in action, I was very impressed especially since the balls are not even round, so you have to really have a feel for making it curve to get to the cochonnet, I don’t the rules and I have yet to try it once.  What a great time I had, if you ever come to Melbourne don’t miss it.  In Australia they have over 44 clubs of Petanque.

A+ Love Arsene



The club house 1865!

The club house, since 1865!

IMG_7684 IMG_7643


Petanque courts.


Luc Bernhard from Alsace.

Luc Bernhard from Alsace.


Inside the club house.


Inside the club house, built in 1865 Wow!

Inside the club house, built in 1865 Wow!

IMG_7682 IMG_7686

Australian Bowling a form of bocce and petanque combined together.

Australian Bowling a form of bocce and petanque combined together.

Part of the club house is dedicated to petanque club.

Part of the club house is dedicated to the petanque club.




IMG_7704 IMG_7700 IMG_7695 IMG_7696 IMG_7697 IMG_7699

IMG_7644 IMG_7645 IMG_7646

The greens.

The greens, the petanque courts are in the back.

View of the club house from the petanque courts.

View of the club house from the petanque courts.

IMG_7665 IMG_7669 IMG_7670


Pins of many difference bowling clubs.


Some really old trophies won by St Kilda.





Hello everyone and welcome

Thierry Amisse and Hasu Patel won Zaytouna Lounge against Amine Najah and Arsene Dupin.  Congratulations to the winning team!  After a full day of playing the day before at the HOT Tournament, most of the players came back early to battle at Zaytouna.   This time we had the blessing of the wind, a real cold wind, but that didn’t stop anyone to play and enjoy another fabulous tournament at the Lounge.   I am sure that everyone had to transcend pain because if you were  in any final the day before and finished in the final at Zaytouna you had to play fourteen games in two days, wow!  Amine Najah the owner of Zaytouna did the tournament in the Swiss system fashion, groups of four teams without consolante.  The semi final and the final games were on fire, the quality and experience of the players were a sweet delight to witness.  It was for sure an Extravaganza Weekend of Petanque.  Thank you to all the teams who came from far away and a special thank you to Jo Sanchez who came from the furthest, he came all the way from France at age 78 to be among all of us and enjoy a game that now America has embraced.    Thank you to all and we see next year.


First place: Thierry Amisse and Hasu Patel

Second place: Amine Najah and Arsene Dupin

Third place: Jo Sanchez and Magical Mystical Micheal.

Fourth place: Pascal and Alexandra Tisseur.

A+ Love Arsene.

Thierry Amisse on left Hasu Patel on right, Alexandra the trophy presenter.

Thierry Amisse on left Hasu Patel on right, Alexandra Tisseur the trophy presenter.

Amine Najah on left, Arsne Dupin on right. Second place.

Amine Najah on left, Arsene Dupin on right. Second place.
Jo Sanchez on left, Magical Mystical Micheal on right.

Jo Sanchez on left, Magical Mystical Micheal on right.


Pascal and his daughter Alexandra Tisseur.Fourth place.

Pascal and his daughter Alexandra Tisseur.Fourth place.


Morning picture!

Morning picture!



Patrick Vaslet and Shannon Bowman both from the Sonoma Petanque club Shannon is the President of the club.

Patrick Vaslet and Shannon Bowman both from the Sonoma Petanque club, Shannon is the President of the club.

IMG_7307 IMG_7308 IMG_7314 IMG_7316 IMG_7322 IMG_7323 IMG_7320 IMG_7326 IMG_7329 IMG_7334 IMG_7346 IMG_7347

Yep Texas could be cold, fantastic individual and team Diana Jacobs and Gina Dejoy.

Yep Texas could be cold, fantastic individual and team Diana Jacobs and Gina Dejoy.


IMG_7350IMG_7343 IMG_7312 IMG_7290

Thank you for your service!

Thank you for your service!


IMG_7283 IMG_7282

Zaytouna Lounge the land where the champions gather! Marco Foyot on right with Amine and his kids.

Zaytouna Lounge the land where the champions gather! Marco Foyot on right with Amine and his kids.

Zaytouna Lounge the land where the champions gather!


Hello everyone and welcome.

Nicolas Bienvenu and Michel Costa won The Heart of Texas Petanque Tournament again the Dallas Petanque club with Patrick Blanco and Richard Fernandez.  We got blessed with rain most of the morning but all managed to stay dry because of the Historic Muller Hangar. It was historic too that the San Antonio club finally won the HOT trophy!   They have been coming down for many  years to compete  but never got first place,  but  here it is today it was their day! Congratulations to both of you as well to everyone who finished in the first three spots of the main brackets and in the consolante A and consolante B, and congratulations to everyone who participated. Its was a tremendous day, we experimented a new format with two consolante so people got to play a lot, looks like it was successful and everyone had a good time.  We had for the first time of  the history of the club, a teams of kids who were eleven and nine years old Owen and Zayd, the way they played  had to teach a lot to the adult, because they were all playing so relax , in such a  calmly fashion and end up by finished third place in the main Tournament. Wow! that was just unreal! Bravo!  the next generation is well alive.

Thank you to all the sponsors who every year support HOT and a major thank you to all HOT members and friends who helped to all of the many tasks to be able to put up such a major event, again merci.   And the adventure is not over, today we have  the second  half of the  Weekend Petanque Extravaganza at the Zaytouna Lounge!   A+ Love Arsene

Results HOT trophy

First place: Nicolas Bienvenu and Michel Costa

Second place: Patrick Blanco and Richard Fernandez.

Third place: Owen Tyree  and Zayd  Najah.

Consolante A

First place: Arsene Dupin and Amine Najah

Second place: Gina Dejoy and Diana Jacob.

Third place: Earl Lowell and Christina Garces.

Consolante B

First place:Pascal and Alexandra Tisseur.

Second place:Micheal Hillis and Jim Schwobel.

Third place: Jeff Brown and Marion Bermondy.

Excuse any errors.

First place. Michel Costa on left Nicolas Bienvenu on right.

First place. Michel Costa on left Nicolas Bienvenu on right.
Second place. Patrick Blanco on left Richard Fernadez on left

Second place. Patrick Blanco on left Richard Fernadez on left

Third place Owen Tyree on left Zaid Najah on right.

Third place Owen Tyree on left Zaid Najah on right.





IMG_7162 IMG_7165 IMG_7167

P1020193 P1020194 P1020195 P1020196 P1020197P1020202 P1020203 P1020199






P1020220P1020218P1020216P1020211 P1020208 P1020205IMG_7114IMG_7117IMG_7128IMG_7135

IMG_7180 IMG_7184 IMG_7186 IMG_7188 IMG_7190 IMG_7197 IMG_7198 IMG_7245 IMG_7270


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