Dallas wins the first HOT Triplette Tournament. Congratulations! We had 30 players. The French Legation’s gates opened at 7:45 am and we all did a kick set up of the courts and had a group picture and we went on until 5:30 pm to finish the last game. The final was very exciting. Dallas started real strong with 4 points to zero, the Austin team came back to bring it to 11/4 but in no time the game was tied 11/11 and Dallas took it all the way to 13. The field of players was real strong. We certainty had the best players in Texas for the this Premiere tournament. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped the organization of it. And a major thank you to the French Legation Museum.

Results: Concours First place from the Dallas Petanque Club Karim Moumouni,Richard Fernandez and Xavier.
Second place from the Heart of Texas Petanque Club Rick Armstrong, Mystical Micheal and Walt Elder from Carolina Petanque Club.
Third place, from Heart of Texas Petanque Club Jim Schwobel, Amine Najah, Arsene Dupin.
Consolante: First place from Heart of Texas Petanque Club Micheal Hillis, Jeff Brown,Terry Plemons.
Second Place from the Dallas Petanque Club Jeanne Marie Browning, from Heart of Texas Petanque Club Olivier Simonet and Patrick Irvin.

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Hello everyone and welcome.

Lately HOTPC had a full month of September to celebrate the game by teaching it on many occasions at three different venues.  We started with the Viva Streets Austin Festival on September 13, 2015.  E. 6th St was turned into a car-free playground for thousands of Austin residents who got to play, get fit, people watch and celebrate good health and for the 2nd year, the Heart of Texas Petanque Club was invited to participate in this festival – and was given a great place, right in the middle of the festival, to introduce petanque to everyone. Bike Texas provided a great area of crushed granite next to their offices and right on 6th St.
Throughout the day, members of HOTPC gave mini-lessons to interested folks who got to experience a few “ends” of petanque.  We also had the privilege to participate at the Circuit of the Americas for the famous race Lone Star Le Mans on September 17 to 19, where we had a full court set up to demonstration games right by the circuit. It is so sweet to be able to represent a slice of the French culture for an event like Le Mans.  They have worldwide Champions car racers coming to win this international race including Romain Dumas a Champion of Le Mans race in France and a friend of HOTPC.  We went back to our familiar grounds to celebrate  The French Legation Museum 175th anniversary.  To celebrate the Museum had a free Tour and free pétanque lessons given by the Heart of Texas Petanque Club. Our relationship with the Museum goes now for over 20 years  and once again it was a great opportunity for us to keep on teaching the game on French grounds.  Jim Schwobel was there from 10 am to 5 pm and reached over 50 families who never even heard of the game before.  They had a tremendous time and experience the beauty of the game.
To be a good teacher you have to have a lot of patience, dedication, inspiration, compassion, cooperation, determination, generosity, kindness, passion, etc.. Thank you HOT for keeping on teaching the game of petanque to Texas. We like to have a big THANK YOU to all the club members who helped making all those events a success. Merci

A+ Love Arsene.


Teaching at the French Legation Museum for their 175th Anniversary

IMG_4825 IMG_4832 IMG_4829 IMG_4828 IMG_4827 IMG_4830 IMG_4826


Teaching at the Circuit of the Americas.

IMG_4836 IMG_4834 IMG_4835


IMG_4804 IMG_4798 IMG_4779



Romain Dumas and Vincent Beltoise playing petanque.


Teaching at the Viva Streets Austin Festival.



IMG_4641 IMG_4638



Hello everyone and welcome.

For the first time in Austin, Club Tanque organized a 4 Boules Singles Tournament. This is not a game played too often even in France but I do remember playing it when I was a kid and boules kits use to come in set of 4 balls. It was a great innovation on behalf of Linda and Jeffrey that was inspired by Marco Foyot’s idea. 14 players showed up at the gorgeous Bloor Ranch, the final was with Christophe Chambers against Jim Schwobel, Christophe took it all and won first place! The beautiful trophies were hand made and reflected the Bloor Ranch image. Congratulations to all!
Concours: 1st Christophe Chambers, 2nd Jim Jim Schwobel, 3rd Jeff Brown.
Consolante: 1st Ed Priest, 2nd Hasmukh Patel, 3rd Linda Schryver.IMG_4623 IMG_4616 IMG_4615 IMG_4613 IMG_4611 IMG_4612 IMG_4614 IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4622 IMG_4617 IMG_4609 IMG_4608 IMG_4605 IMG_4604 IMG_4610



Hello everyone and welcome.

For the first time the Heart of Texas Petanque Club is having an Open Triplette in Austin TX at the French Legation Museum.  Sunday October 4th 2015
Everyone is welcome! See you there!



Hello everyone and welcome!

New courts in Central Texas! The Nelson Ranch Park Petanque Club.
The game of petanque keeps on expanding in Texas and a new court was officially opened on August 22, 2015, in Cedar Park.
This “project” was the result of a unique cooperative effort among several entities. First, Rudy Vallee,from France, who emigrated to Los Angeles but move to Austin to be closer to his daughter, and Christophe Chambers, a transplanted New Yorker. Both of them are nationally recognized petanque players. They approached the City of Cedar Park Parks and Recreation Department to discuss the possibility of the city donating the land, funding and installing a petanque terrain in the Nelson Ranch Park, one of 40 city parks in Cedar Park, Texas. Through their efforts, the Parks and Recreation Department agreed to build it some time during the 2016 budget cycle.
In steps the real hero of this “project”, 17 year-old Joseph Menna. Joseph is a member of Cedar Park Scout Troop #271 and is working on his Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scout Service Project.” Completing a community service project is one of the requirements for Boy Scouts to achieve the Eagle Scout badge, one of the most prestigious accomplishments that a young man can attain.
Through his efforts, Joseph not only managed to solicit free donations of materials (crushed granite and limestone border rocks), but also coordinated the efforts of members of all the local petanque clubs to provide the labor to complete this project in two weekends in August 2015 – a year ahead of schedule!
Congratulations to all who participated in this wonderful community project that will provide facilities for and promote the game of petanque in Central Texas.

A+ Love Arsene.

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Hello everyone and welcome,

This is no Europetanque or La Marseillaise! But this is HOT Petanque. We just had a little Tete a Tete at the lovely Eastwoods Park. In the afternoon it was brutal weather of 100 degrees but the large pecans trees were able to provide great shade for everyone to play..
It was a very nice, low-key and friendly tournament with 12 players.
The park was crowded so people got to witness the game.

Here are the results:

1st place: Amine Najah
2nd place: Jim Schwobel
3rd place Terry Plemons

1st place: Jeff Brown
Thank you  and congratulations to all participants and special thank you to the tournament organizer, Jim Schwobel.

A+ Love Arsene




Hello everyone and welcome,

Happy Bastille day! Well of course I played petanque on Bastille Day! With the Pikes Peak Petanque club in Colorado Springs on the courts of P.J.’s Bistro. Over twenty of us showed up even so the weather wasn’t that great, but that didn’t stopped us because everyone was happy to celebrate Bastille day playing petanque so we played in the rain and even at night with flash lights. I was impressed by the level of the players, their commitment to the game made them go from beginners players to experts level in the last few years. You can tell that they have been practicing all year long even in the cold condition of the beautiful mountains of Pikes Peak. Congratulations to all.  A+ Love Arsene.


The structure of the Pikes Peak Petanque Club from left to right, Jeff Virginia, Renee, Geoff.

The structure of the Pikes Peak Petanque Club from left to right, Jeff Virginia, Renee, Geoff.


At night with flash lights celebrating Bastille Day.

At night with flash lights celebrating Bastille Day.



From left to right Ansley, Rook, Scott, Irish, John, Joaquin, Leah.


The petanque gang at Cirque du Soleil.

The petanque gang at Cirque du Soleil.

With Jeff Fox the petanque leader of the Pikes Peak club.

With Jeff Fox one of the  leaders of the Pikes Peak Petanque Club.


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