Hello everyone and welcome.

For the first time the Heart of Texas Petanque Club is having an Open Triplette in Austin TX at the French Legation Museum.  Sunday October 4th 2015
Everyone is welcome! See you there!



Hello everyone and welcome!

New courts in Central Texas! The Nelson Ranch Park Petanque Club.
The game of petanque keeps on expanding in Texas and a new court was officially opened on August 22, 2015, in Cedar Park.
This “project” was the result of a unique cooperative effort among several entities. First, Rudy Vallee,from France, who emigrated to Los Angeles but move to Austin to be closer to his daughter, and Christophe Chambers, a transplanted New Yorker. Both of them are nationally recognized petanque players. They approached the City of Cedar Park Parks and Recreation Department to discuss the possibility of the city donating the land, funding and installing a petanque terrain in the Nelson Ranch Park, one of 40 city parks in Cedar Park, Texas. Through their efforts, the Parks and Recreation Department agreed to build it some time during the 2016 budget cycle.
In steps the real hero of this “project”, 17 year-old Joseph Menna. Joseph is a member of Cedar Park Scout Troop #271 and is working on his Boy Scouts of America “Eagle Scout Service Project.” Completing a community service project is one of the requirements for Boy Scouts to achieve the Eagle Scout badge, one of the most prestigious accomplishments that a young man can attain.
Through his efforts, Joseph not only managed to solicit free donations of materials (crushed granite and limestone border rocks), but also coordinated the efforts of members of all the local petanque clubs to provide the labor to complete this project in two weekends in August 2015 – a year ahead of schedule!
Congratulations to all who participated in this wonderful community project that will provide facilities for and promote the game of petanque in Central Texas.

A+ Love Arsene.

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Hello everyone and welcome,

This is no Europetanque or La Marseillaise! But this is HOT Petanque. We just had a little Tete a Tete at the lovely Eastwoods Park. In the afternoon it was brutal weather of 100 degrees but the large pecans trees were able to provide great shade for everyone to play..
It was a very nice, low-key and friendly tournament with 12 players.
The park was crowded so people got to witness the game.

Here are the results:

1st place: Amine Najah
2nd place: Jim Schwobel
3rd place Terry Plemons

1st place: Jeff Brown
Thank you  and congratulations to all participants and special thank you to the tournament organizer, Jim Schwobel.

A+ Love Arsene




Hello everyone and welcome,

Happy Bastille day! Well of course I played petanque on Bastille Day! With the Pikes Peak Petanque club in Colorado Springs on the courts of P.J.’s Bistro. Over twenty of us showed up even so the weather wasn’t that great, but that didn’t stopped us because everyone was happy to celebrate Bastille day playing petanque so we played in the rain and even at night with flash lights. I was impressed by the level of the players, their commitment to the game made them go from beginners players to experts level in the last few years. You can tell that they have been practicing all year long even in the cold condition of the beautiful mountains of Pikes Peak. Congratulations to all.  A+ Love Arsene.


The structure of the Pikes Peak Petanque Club from left to right, Jeff Virginia, Renee, Geoff.

The structure of the Pikes Peak Petanque Club from left to right, Jeff Virginia, Renee, Geoff.


At night with flash lights celebrating Bastille Day.

At night with flash lights celebrating Bastille Day.



From left to right Ansley, Rook, Scott, Irish, John, Joaquin, Leah.


The petanque gang at Cirque du Soleil.

The petanque gang at Cirque du Soleil.

With Jeff Fox the petanque leader of the Pikes Peak club.

With Jeff Fox one of the  leaders of the Pikes Peak Petanque Club.


Hello everyone and welcome,

Friendship and Petanque! Pétanque is a sport that has many features and many people misunderstand his sporting contributions, cultural and social:
It is the only sport where women, men, young, old can be measured and assessed in equal opportunities. It transcends generations and genders and religions. The game knows no social classes,on the piste there are neither CEOs nor worker, but petanque players and friendship. There is no exclusion, and when friends are about to go through major steps in life everyone support them. Rudy Vallee a long time FPUSA member is as we speak having a open heart surgery and yesterday many friends and members of the three clubs in Austin got together to tell Rudy we love him. The cake was exquisite and had a big heart on it. Her a little story for you Rudy and I got to play together in August 2010 at the Mondial de Petanque a Millau. We didn’t know each other he was in LA and I was in TX we just team up by a phone conversation on the advice of Phillipe from Petanque America who though that the two of us could be a good match as a team to go to Millau together and represent The Heart of Texas Petanque Club. It was our first Millau for both of us. Sure enough we had a blast, we laugh so hard and played nonstop for 10 days. We even did good in Millau where the field is compose of thousand of players. Alors Merde Rudy and comeback soon on the piste.  A + Love Arsene


The girls loves Rudy.


Come back soon!

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What a blast it was! We were at the petanque mecca of the world.


Les Papys Petanqueurs.

IMG_2342 IMG_2264


We got to see the big starts playing, up close.

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Hello everyone and welcome,

For many years I have been performing at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and I love it!.  But during the week of June 2008 I could not find anybody to play Petanque so I decided to call every French restaurants within 100 miles to see if they played between themselves somewhere?  I believed they were bound to know about the game, well I found out that a lot of those french restaurants didn’t have a French owner and knew nothing about the game.  But in Colorado Springs there is was a French owner of the restaurant La Petite Maison, he was from Paris, Henry Chaperon, and on the phone the first thing he said was “of course I play Petanque like every body in France and I do have a backyard behind the restaurant maybe we can built a court”. Sure enough when I went to meet him for the first time we started on the spot to dig and dig and dig and a few hours later we had some kind of court to be able to play. We improved it later by bringing in tomes of granite.  This was the fresh start of the Pike Peak Petanque Club, the club is still strong to date.  It is now organized by Virginia and Jeff Fox, and when I come to town they are so sweet with me to the point that they are changing their weekly playing schedule to accommodate mine.  I eventually got to meet  David Keil who had a club on his now called the West Central Suburbian Boules League Denver and I supported  him to become a FPUSA club now called  The Miles High Petanque.  A very active club  that is now part of the Central Region.  David with his Vice President Stephen Lessard created the NLP (National Petanque League) It is the first of his kind and hundred of players are now part of it all over the Nation.  So now when I am in Colorado I get to play some great competitive games in Denver and great social games in Colorado Springs.   Petanque is strong in the Central Region in Colorado!  The Pikes Petanque Club plays every Wednesday from 5 to sunset at PJ’S Bistro on 1015. For more infos please contact Virginia Fox,  And for the Miles High Petanque please contact David Keil,   Come and play with us this summer in Colorado.

A+ Love Arsene

IMG_1999 IMG_1993 IMG_1992


That what the backyard of La Petite Maison looked like before we starting building the court.



And that what we did!




Henri Chaperont, the chef on left with his friend Gerard Mali.


From left to right Karen, Rob, Rook Johnny Malle,Arsene, Jeff, Virginia


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Also a Petanque player and the owner of the best magic shop in the US.


Colorado Renaissance Festival players.


David Keil on left President of Mile High Petanque Club, center Stephen Lessard vice president.


My friend Johnny Fox sword swallower extraordinaire.


From left to right, Dan Hasselius fire eater extraordinaire, word famous Puke and Snot, and Johnny Fox.


The Vodca Family dancers extraordinaire came to play with the Mile High Club in Denver

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The first FPUSA Regional Tournament in the Central Region at The Mile high Club

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Hello everyone and welcome,

Austin has now more petanque clubs than most cities across US.  Four of them as we speak. Wow! The Heart of Texas Petanque Club is the original club created in 2008, The Legation Boules Club formed in July 2014, Club Tanque in Manor TX started in 2014 and the Freedom petanque club also created in 2014. and one more informal gathering at the historic Mueller hangar.  Most clubs had tournaments lately.  An unprecedented FPUSA Central Regional at Club Tanque, a sweet informal tournament on private ground, and a select Doublette with the Legation Boules club at the French Legation Museum.  Petanque in Austin is real busy.

So let talk about the Freedom club, the club was created because it didn’t want to belong to any organization and is located on a private land of Peter Gray and their t-shirt emblem is a OPUT design ( hahaha) On May 24 they had their first Freedom Tournament during an epic flood in Texas but somehow the day of the tournament it was magical and we had no rain!  It was located on the East side of Austin at Peter’s one acres house. He had room for 8 triplettes, the tournament was free for everyone ( hence freedom petanque)  The house rules were first come first serve to be able to participate. After the teams were selected randomly, you get to play against the same team best out of 3 games. So only four teams remained and goes on strait to the semi finals and two teams makes it to the finals. The food and drinks were plenty and the ambiance was very sweet. It was a combination of great local players and novices to the game. The gorgeous courts were in all different shape and forms some under those gigantic shade trees and some in the driveway. Thank you so much for this delightful evening, the last game finished around midnight under lights.
The winners were:

First place: Francis Perrin, Rudy Vallee, Thierry Amisse,
Runner up: Hasu Patel, Mystical Magical Michael, Luke Litman.
The Legation Boules Club also just had a tournament on June 7 at the French Legation Museum, a select Doublettes. 9 teams showed up at 8:30 AM when the weather was still sweet, but by 11am you could start to feel the Texas sun. That didn’t disturb the concentration of the players even so in between every round people were seeking the shade. All the teams were pretty well balanced with only local players who all knew each other. So when it was time to draw the teams randomly you could hear players speculating on who was going to be with whom. Well the best lucky draw was Amine and Jeffrey and they went all the way to the finals against Linda and Mystical Michael. Jeffrey and Amine were on fire and didn’t give a chance to shine to the other team. Hasu and Olivier played in a tight game for third place against Arsene and Earl and they got it by a hair 13 to12. It was a really sweet tournament, thank to the organizer Peter Gray who gave up playing to run it. Everyone brought some great food and fun were had by all. Another great day for the game of petanque. Yehaaaaaa! Thank you to everyone who participate.
First place: Amine Najah/ Jeffrey Schryver
Second place: Linda Schryver/ Michael Kaufman
Third place: Hasu Patel/ Olivier Simonet
Fourth place: Arsene Dupin/ Earl Lowell
No consolante.

Congratulation to all the clubs that keeps on making the game of petanque grow in Austin Texas.





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