Hello everyone and welcome,

We are getting ready for our 7th annual HOT Tournament and for the Zaytouna Lounge.  It is just around the corner, Saturday the 18th  and Sunday the 19th of April.   The Extravaganza weekend of petanque!  Come and watch the games.  The Bloor Ranch is a gorgeous setting of 500 acres where Jeffrey and Linda built a petanque heaven!  It is  in a form of a huge hangar for the Austin community of players.  All the pros start to come from all over the world to experience the Texas welcome.  The Zaytouna Lounge is a slice of the culture of Morocco.  If you can’t travel to Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca, then stop into the Zaytouna Lounge to experience a little bit of Morocco, right here in Austin.  You will always be welcomed!   Amine, the owner, built many courts in the back of the cafe.  How cool is that!  Two different tournaments in two different locations in one weekend.  There is still room for a few teams.  Contact me. Merci.

A+ Love Arsene

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Hello everyone and welcome,
we are going to have to change the location of our annual HOT Tournament on Saturday April 18th at the Browning Hangar. We just heard that the Hangar will be used for another event. But nothing to worry about, we have another Hangar at the famous Bloor Ranch. Thank you, Bloor Ranch for hosting us! So the date is not changing, it will still be on Saturday April 18th. The games will start at the same time, just the location will be different and here is the address:
You will be able to practice there on Friday April 17th from 1pm to 7:30 pm. We will have a potluck dinner from 5 pm to 7 pm. On Saturday, the day of the Tournament, all the local players will need to be self contained for food, but for our out-of-town guests, we will provide a complimentary light lunch. The Bloor Ranch will also be the location for the FPUSA Regional Tournaments in May as well as Thinktanque October 2015. Come experience someTexas hospitality at the Bloor Ranch. We are looking forward to seeing you all.

A+ Love Arsene.

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Two times HOT chanpions!

Two times HOT champion!

Two times HOT Champions!

Two times HOT Champion!


Several times World Champion.

Team USA

Team USA




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Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club would like to invite you to come play petanque in Austin,Texas. In the next two months, you will have the opportunity to participate in four different tournaments. WOW!

The first tournament is the Heart of Texas Petanque Club’s 7th annual Weekend Extravaganza of Petanque – Saturday April 18 and Sunday April 19, 2015. That weekend there will be two different tournaments in two different locations. On Saturday, we will play at the historic Browning Hangar in the Mueller Community. Sunday’s tournament will be at the Zaytouna Lounge. Both tournaments are “doublettes” style (team of two players with 3 balls each) and open to everyone.

In May, for the first time in Texas, we will have the FPUSA Regional tournaments coming to Austin. These tournaments are hosted by the Heart of Texas Petanque Club held at the famous Bloor Ranch. The tournaments are – Central FPUSA Open Men’s Singles, FPUSA Open Women’s Singles, Central Inter-Regional Men’s Doubles and the Inter-Regional Women’s Double. Wow again! To participate, at the Double Men and Women you must be a member of FPUSA.

Please register in advance to secure your spot. If you are coming from out-of-town and you need suggestions for lodging and transportation, please contact Jim Schwobel at We look forward to welcoming you to Austin and playing petanque. Merci.  A+ love Arsene.











Hello everyone and welcome,

South by Southwest (SXSW) is in Austin. People are coming from all over the world to participate. It is just unreal! It is a blend of music, film and interactive festival. The whole town is full of activities. France is represented too by Le French Tech Club who took over the French Legation Museum for seven days. Among the group many people are from Angers the Sister City of Austin. The town where the Heart of Texas Petanque Club was welcomed by the Mayor to fortified the connection between Austin and Angers.  So today when we arrived and to play our weekly game the french people started to gather  around us and could not believe that the game was played in Austin. And of course since the game is part of the culture, so they started to play with us. Sweet! Chef Rémi Fournier with Michelin-starred Chef Gérard Bossé are running the hight class French Bistro for five more days only.  You could one of the lucky people to experience their excellent cuisine.  Also Alain Fouquet the Deputy Mayor of Culture of Angers is there too. Most of the events are free the whole week go check it out. We be there playing petanque.  And off course as luck would have it, the nephew of Claude D. Valois the creator of the very famous Star Master Petanque club was there.  We also had games at Paggi Square.
Vive la France!

A+ Love Arsene.


Alain FouquetAdjoint à la Culture et au Patrimoine Adjoint des quartiers Doutre et Hauts-de-Saint-Aubin Conseiller communautaire


Bill Clabby in the center.

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Hello everyone and welcome,

In La Ciotat, France, the birthplace of the game of petanque, there is more than on club in town.  Le Cercle des Boulomanes des Ciotadens is one of them.  I was introduced to the club by Raymond Ager, a great English man who moved from England to La Ciotat to learn more about the game of petanque. Everyone knows the (English Guy) around La Ciotat, so we were welcomed like dignitaries at each club.  The Boulomanes was first created in 1924, the current president Georges Herrero shows me the original letter of the creation of the club, so beautiful!  like most petanque clubs around France, there is a corner with secured lockers where you can storage your balls overnight.  That kind of set up let you know you are in a real club, of course they also  have a buvette ( a full operational bar) where the players hang out most of the day playing cards in between games.  It is a little strange for me overtime to enter a buvette because they always want to welcome you with a Pernod or a Ricard but I don’t drink alcohol, so they look at me like if I was from a different planet.  But once I make a joke about it telling them that the very reason why they kick me out of France, they laugh and will offer a cup of coffee instead.  The terrains were great, about forty of them and can accommodate many teams, they have benches in between each courts for the players or spectators to seat and watch the games. We had lunch on the terrace, played a few games and had a great time.  If you happen to be in the south of France, it is definitely a must stop destination.  Thank you for the welcome.

A+ Love Arsene.











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Hello everyone and welcome,

Today was the first time that we used a new location in years, Eastwoods Park.   We did our first Singles Tournament there.  It was fantastic.   We had the weatherman against us the whole week long, even until the last minute with  80% chance of  rain.   I was going nuts looking constantly at many different kind of apps with the weather report.   I was thinking for sure I will have to cancel, I have players coming as far as one hour and a half away.    I just can’t let them drive all the way to Austin and have it rain on us.   But the whole time also I had that inner little voice saying don’t worry, just  trust!  And sure enough it was a great day.   We didn’t have any rain at all, just some sprinkles during lunch time.  How perfect!  Twelves brave ones showed up at 8:30 am, not knowing themselves if it would rain or not but they all showed up prepared with all sorts of rain gear.  Rick Armstrong was in charge of the tournament format.   That requires a lot of effort, preparation and attention to run the table.   So I would like to say thank you Rick, for giving to the club in that manner.  The format was, you draw your number out of the magic hat and play randomly against another player 3 rounds of elimination.    That would  get you into the semi finals and finals.  All games started around 9 AM and went all the way to 1:30pm for the final.  The terrain was very challenging.  Most players didn’t even have the chance to play on it before.  But two people shined, Walter Elder and Alain Gimenez.   The finals started very strong for Alain who was leading 9/0, but Walter’s pointing took over and slowly by slowly came back to win 13/11.  It was spectacular.   At the same time both consolante’s finals were going on.  Jim Schwobel had the upper hand on Rick in consultant A and in the consolante B Mystical Michael won over Alain’s wife, Mitzi.   I wanted to say thank you to the three great ladys who played  Marie Claude, Mitzi, Linda.  And thank you to everyone who participated.  I hope we will get to have many tournaments in this new beautiful location.   Merci

Results: Concours.

First place:Walter Elder

Second place: Alain Gimenez

Consolante: A

First place: Jim Schwobel

Second place:  Rick Armstrong

Consolante: B

First place:  Mystical Micheal.

Second place:  Mitzi Gimenez

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Hello everyone and welcome.

La Boule Bleue.  On January 20th, a great raining day,  I had the great opportunity for the first time to visit the ever famous factory in Marseille.  A family affair since 1904.  Wow!  When Félix Rofritsch first started to make only two pairs a day, they were wooden, and studded with nails.  To this day the fourth generation, Hervé Rofritsch, still take great importance on craftsmanship. It was great fun and educative to watch the process of making a ball and see the finished product.  We were welcome by Bernadette Fenech, Fabienne Genevois and Anthony who was one the guy who made the balls.  A 111 years of fabrication of petanque balls, that is just incredible!   Merci to all of you for the private tour.

A special thank you for Chantal who was our host in her beautiful house in La Ciotat.  Merci bien.

A+ Love Arsene




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IMG_8068 IMG_8067







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