Hello everyone and welcome,

We are traveling around to various incredible petanque tournaments in France.  We are American pioneers at every tournament we go to.  We are having a lot fun!  But having difficulties to blog from abroad from our  site so if you want to follow our trip,  please go to facebook and search on  “Heart of Texas Petanque Club”.  Or click on the little blue line bellow.  Merci.


A+ Love Arsene.



Ah! I am back on the land of where the game of Petanque was invented. Yehaaaa for France!. This is my annual Tour de Petanque 2016. So far I had the chance today to reconnect and play with my original club St Genevieve des Bois. It always feel great to see everyone again. Rain or shine they come and play all year long. Today it was lows in the mid 30s but on the courts they were at least sixty players in the middle of the afternoon. Some of those guys have played the game for more than seventy five years. No kidding! And they can still play fantastic and are in fabulous shape. One of the guy, Bruno was telling me that he use to play Porte d’Auteuil in Paris when he was sixteen year old. Auteuil use to be the mecca of the game in Paris around 1960 He told me he played with guys like Ange Arcolao, dit « Bebert de Cagnes », Marco Foyot,the brothers Mattei,Marcel Sarnito, Pedro Martinez, Julien Soto etc… It was a different era and not too many people speak about it. It was a time when the game was all about gambling. The big guys used to play for big time money. Bruno told me that he saw some of the players lose their jackets, shoes, houses, their cars and wives. Those stories are worth a great book!. So when you get to meet someone who was there and saw it all, you just listen and listen and listen and smile and say thank you for sharing. Great to be back sur la terre de la Petanque! Soon on the way to Lyon to see the stars of petanque at the PPF.(Black and white picture) Marco is next to Bébert de Cagnes.

Merci. A+ Love Arsene

















Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club had a gathering of fun! It was our annual get together at the Zaytouna Lounge. We had a Panache Tournament, a Tir de Precision Competition and a silent Auction. It was open to everyone and we had guests from The Nelson Park Club, Carolina Petanque, Legation Boule Club and independent players. It was real cold for Austin Texas but that didn’t stop us from having great fun. Thank you to all of you for supporting the game of petanque.
Results, Panache Tournament,
First place: Amine Najah, Arsene Dupin
Second place: Hassu Patel, Rudy Vallee
Tir de Precition:
First place: Arsene Dupin
Second place: Walt Elder
Merci a tous.

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Hello everyone and welcome,

The Heart of Texas Petanque Club had a fantastic 2015 year.  Here is a recap.  We expanded the game to many new players in Austin and abroad.  We hosted our first FPUSA Regionals.  We were part of the FPUSA Delegation at the Tete a Tete World Championship in Nice, France.  We were represented at major events like the famous race Lone Star le Mans at the Circuit of the Americas, the Viva Streets Austin Festival etc.  We participated at many local, state and international tournaments like the 3 Jours de Poitiers.  Our HOT delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of our twin Sister City, Angers, France .  We were featured in several petanque magazines and newspapers in Europe.  We made new international connections with superstar players  and got to play with them like with Marco Foyot, Dylan Rocher, Diego Rizzi,etc.  We bought new equipment, new banners, new caps and patches.  We visited boules factories.  We displayed the flag of HOT at the birth place of Petanque in La Ciotat.  We welcomed three new petanque clubs in Austin, but most of all we got to play the wonderful game that we love all year long with friends and family .  Thank you for being a present, past or future member of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club.   We love you! On behalf of the board of directors have a Happy New Year 2016.

A+ Love Arsene



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Hello everyone and welcome,

On behalf of the Heart of Texas Petanque Club I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.

A+ Love Arsene.



Hello everyone and welcome,

Austin just celebrated its first annual “Angers Day”. Most people in Texas don’t know that Angers is the sister city of Austin. In order to celebrate the rich cultural aspect of both cities, the Mayor of Angers, Christophe Béchu, came with an official delegation composed of some high-ranking business leaders to the French Legation Museum and were welcomed by Austin’s Mayor Steve Adler. The Heart of Texas Petanque Club was invited to the celebration because we were the pioneers with the game of petanque and went to Angers where we were welcomed by their officials and we played with the ASPTT petanque club.
Jim Schwobel represented the club and gave a cap of the club to the French Major not thinking that he would wear it but Christophe Bechu was so happy to know that petanque was also part of the cultural exchange with Austin, that he insisted on putting on the cap and taking pictures. We also had free petanque lessons and about fifty people enjoyed the game.  Angers was also celebrated by the win of  Damien Hureau who is from Angers and won the Petanque America Amelia Island annual Tournament.  Thank you to Micheal Hillis and David Bintiff for teaching at the French Legation Museum.

A+ Love Arsene.


On left, the Mayor of Angers France, Christophe Béchu


On left, Austin’s Mayor Steve Adler.


Cecile on right and Valerie on left.



In January 2015 we were welcomed by an official delegation at the Hotel de Ville in Angers.


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Damien Hureau on right won Amelia Island 2015!


Newspaper clips from when Damien used to play at the ASPTT in Angers.



Hello everyone and welcome,

The new president of the San Antonio Petanque Club Nicolas Bienvenu and his wife Amy Bienvenu started with a bang by organizing their first tournament on the ground of the San Antonio Museum of Art. Next to the famous San Antonio River Walk. Passerbys could stop and watch the games.
Wow! 31 Teams showed up as far as from Dallas and Austin. Out of all the teams 4 remained in the semi finals, and only two survived to make it to the Finals. The four players remaining were all from Austin, Jeff and Marion Bermondy husband and wife against Mystical Micheal and Walt Elder. M and W have been winning a lot tournaments together lately and they did it again. They won the First San Antonio Art of Petanque Tournament. Congratulations! It was  a very well organized tournament and everyone had a great petanque day. Congratulations to all players and organizers.
First place: Mystical Micheal (Heart of TX) Walt Elder (Carolina)
Second place: Marion and Jeff Bermondy (Heart of TX)
Third place: Jeanne Marie Browning and Karim Moumouni (Dallas)
Fourth place: Christophe Chambers and Michelle Healy (NY) (San Antonio)
First place:Jeff and Linda Schryver (Club Tanque Austin) Second place: Francis Perrin and Mike Fargnoli (San Antonio)


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A+ Love


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